November 2017 by Jill Lukac

Rhos Officially Join the Brotherhood

In the early morning hours of Saturday, November 11, each dedicated member of the Rho Pledge Class took to proving themselves one last time during their Court of Honor, the last step in their pledging process. Immediately following, all 27 pledges were initiated into the Omega Alpha Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi as full-fledged brothers.


The pledging process this semester was seven weeks of fast-paced learning and growing where the pledges not only became a close-knit family, but also discovered what it truly means to be a brother of Alpha Kappa Psi and to uphold the guiding principles that conduct the brotherhood.

Brother Jenna Von Bradsky summed up her experience by saying, “To be a brother of AKPsi was something that I had wanted for so long, so Court of Honor and Initiation was a really special day for me and I'm sure I can say the same for the others. Now that I'm a brother, I'm very excited to continue to build on the relationships I've fostered thus far, and to create new ones as well.”

As a chapter, we could not be prouder to formally initiate our incredibly talented and committed newest members into the Fraternity. There is no doubt that these remarkable brothers will be an amazing addition to our growing network of business professionals. Welcome to the brotherhood, Rhos!

UDance Heating Up

One of the most anticipated philanthropic events on this campus is UDance. UDance is a 12-hour dance marathon that raises money for the B+ Foundation, which supports families financially while their child undergoes cancer treatment. For the past two years, Alpha Kappa Psi has had the privilege to love and support our B+ hero, Nate. Although the UDance marathon event isn’t until next semester, the Omega Alpha Chapter has already begun raising money for Nate and the other B+ heros.

Some of our brothers ventured to the city of Philadelphia to go canning. “We raised over $200, met countless amazing people, and had a great day out and about,” Jordan Langs recalls, “It was so amazing to unite with the Philly community to fundraise for cancer research.”


Kristen Brokaw also contributed an impressive amount when she participated in Reps for Ransom. Sitting in costume in a makeshift jail, Kristen was set free after the brotherhood donated over $150 to the UDance page, pushing our team total over the $1,000 mark! But the UDance events have not stopped there: SIGC Fall Unity Carnival, UDance Dedication Days, Sigma Nu and Alpha Kappa Psi Spelling Bee, and Greatest of the Greeks have all been events that have been either by hosted and/or attended by our brothers.

When Alpha Kappa Psi’s UDance representatives were asked what their goal was for our fraternity this year, Francesca Gill replied, “We're hoping this year to reach $25,000, which is about $1,300 more than we raised last year! We also want NO ZEROS on our page this year!” How will they reach this goal you may ask? With “...increased off campus canning, pushing Blue Henvelopes, and emailing for donations!” Fran answered. The brotherhood is so thankful to have Francesca and our other representatives, Kristen Brokaw and Alyssa Cassiere, leading us to another successful year of fundraising. For a life, for a cure, and always for the kids.

There is still more to be done:
Please consider donating to AKPsi’s UDance Page, every dollar counts!
Questions? Contact Amanda Flores at

Alumni News

Congratulations to alumni Ray Corona for accepting a new position as an IT Risk Staff Auditor with Ernest & Young in McLean, VA!

Have exciting news? A work promotion, entrepreneurial initiative, or important life event? Contact Valerie Choy at so that the brotherhood can continue to support you no matter the time and miles apart!

Friendsgiving Fun


The brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi were looking forward to a much needed break for the Thanksgiving holiday, but they weren’t about to leave without one more night of quality brother bonding time! After an exciting football game, many brothers were kind enough to contribute their cooking skills in order to create a Friendsgiving feast that everyone could enjoy. Mac and cheese, green beans, chicken nuggets, pasta, and every dessert imaginable was a spread that no one could resist.

 The brotherhood was even lucky enough to be sponsored by U.S. Cranberries. “A family friend from Pollock Communications reached out to us to sponsor our Friendsgiving with U.S. Cranberries food and merchandise. We had juice, craisins, sunglasses, signs, and some other marketing materials. It was a great way to spread some turkey spirit before break!” said Anthony Manno, who was the coordinator behind this year's Friendsgiving. By the end of the night, everyone’s stomaches were full and they were ready for a break.

Growing Families

This semester’s Big/Little Reveal was just as exciting as always! While all of our families continue to grow, a few families were lucky enough to even get twins! The pledge brothers were extremely excited and really enjoyed the whole process, especially the matching socks. They had no idea what was happening and loved the surprise aspect.

After the reveal, the brothers took plenty of traditional family tree pictures and welcomed the pledges into their families. Alexis Garhart, one of the 27 pledges, summed up the night for us all saying, “Big/Little Reveal reminded me of why I joined the fraternity, to find my family on campus and make it a home.”

Senior Brothers Teach "PD"

pd event.jpg

Having decided to put a spin on the routine practices of fulfilling professional development requirements, Vice President of Professional Development, Jack Coyle, has worked each semester to organize a series of professional development events uniquely led by Alpha Kappa Psi alumni and current brothers. Most recently, Jack coordinated an event where senior brothers Hannah Crismon, Jess La Guardia, Sarah Safer, and Claudia Seemans offered their individual wisdom and advice to the Chapter.

To commence, brothers Jess and Claudia spoke regarding the benefits of having a mentor. They explained how a career mentor’s job is to coach and challenge the mentee, whereas a psychosocial mentor establishes more of a friendship. The brothers stressed the importance of having a source of support and advice as are starting new jobs and holding new positions. They advised the audience to think about what specifically they wanted in a mentor and then to utilize their network of friends, family, and coworkers to start finding themselves a match.
For the second half of the event, brothers Sarah and Hannah spoke on the topic of interviews, offering tips and tricks for standing out against so many others. First off, the brothers emphasized dress code, mentioning that for women, “conservative is king.” They then stressed the importance of practicing behavioral questions so that you are prepared to give a strong response, but to be prepared for the wildcards, like “Tell me a joke.” Sarah also mentioned that getting the interviewer talking is a huge advantage, because that gives you a more personalized conversation with them. She went into depth about sending a follow-up email, within 24 hours after the interview and during business hours, thanking the interviewer for their time. Sarah pointed out that it is imperative that one not ask any additional questions in the thank you email and to include a brief mention about a conversation topic that will help the interviewer remember you.

pd event2.jpg

Brother Hannah detailed her experiences at Super Days, an extended interview day(s) that usually consists of 5-7 behavioral and technical interviews, a group interview, a case study, and a networking lunch or dinner. She explained that these events are truly designed to test how well you interact and communicate with others. One of her tips to prepare: read the latest copy of the Wall Street Journal ahead of time so you are up-to-date on current issues.

The professional development event was a huge success, so another big thanks goes out to our presenting brothers, Jess, Claudia, Sarah, and Hannah!

LinkedIn Workshop Wins!

The Rho Pledge Class presented their Pledge Proposals on ideas for improvement on some of the events they attended throughout the semester. The first team, made up of pledges Alexis Garhart, Josh Schumann, Tom Shields, Jenna Vonbradsky, and Brett Yurkovich, focused on bettering the Homecoming Alumni Brunch held earlier this year. The team suggested a different venue, such as Trabant, which would thus incentivize more interaction between the brothers and alumni because it would create more space for movement and games. As pledges, they felt disconnected from the alumni and wanted to improve this lack of interaction by pairing pledges with alumni beforehand.

pledge proposals.jpg

The next team to follow consisted of pledges Jessica Brockson, Evan Gavalakis, Celia Giacoma, Jillian Lukac, and Hunter Rizzuto. They presented their idea of increasing the proceeds collected from fundraising by canning in a more densely populated area, such as a sporting arena. They felt that a basketball game in Philadelphia would be the most effective location, and after canning, the brothers would be able to sit back and enjoy - creating the perfect incentive to go canning off of the University campus.

The following team focused their presentations on reinventing the Social and Professional rounds of recruitment. Having just gone through the rush process, pledges Aeden Boyle, Ryan Chegwidden, Summer Kehl, and Nicole Posimato had some great insights. The team honed in on the most efficient ways to pull the most amount of information from potential new members (PNMs) during the Professional round. They wanted to split the PNMs into groups and have five brothers look at each resume by dividing the resume into five separate parts. They felt the PNMs would both gain the most feedback and be the most responsive through this new process.

One of the last teams to go consisted of pledges Jake Basso, Maddie Bebout, Alex Buchholz, and Erika Lawrence, who shared their ideas on how to make the annual Pie-a-Psi event even bigger and better. They planned on incentivizing more students to donate and participate by having professors get pied. The team thought to bring in professors by targeting the Alpha Kappa Psi advisory board and to increase social media exposure of the event.

Though all the groups had excellent ideas, the winners of the Pledge Proposals were pledges Angie Carroll, Ryan Delaney, Jesse Gittleman, Ryan Milligan, and Emily Moore. Their team proposed a LinkedIn Workshop directed towards the newest incoming pledge class. They wanted to start the workshop with an activity that demonstrated the power of networking in a more tangible sense, and then focus in on each new pledge member’s LinkedIn profile. They planned to invite alumni and other professionals, such as faculty members, to allow the pledges to gain a perspective on what professionals are truly looking for from a resume and LinkedIn profile.

All in all, the pledges put forth their best foot and presented extremely interesting proposals, of which we will no doubt try to incorporate into our future events and plans. A major ‘job well done’ goes out to the Rhos!

Spelling Bee is a Buzz

Can you spell, “idiosyncrasy”? This was the winning word that lead Sigma Nu brother Eddie Sullivan to win the third annual Alpha Kappa Psi and Sigma Nu Spelling B+ on November 9, 2017. Over 20 spellers competed in the event, including representation from our fellow brothers, Anthony Manno and Ryan Milligan. Brother Ryan Milligan recalled that, “Spelling with 500 eyes on you is nerve racking but well worth all of the money raised For The Kids!”

Amanda Flores, organizer and brother, commented, “We’re so thankful to everyone for coming out to support the B+ Foundation! We had a great time watching more than 20 spellers compete and seeing the support from their chapters and other Greek Life chapters on campus! It was great working with Sigma Nu and we hope everyone had lots of fun raising money for a great cause.”

Through our collaboration with Sigma Nu, we were able to generate over $2,400.00 for the annual UDance Dance Marathon and B+ Foundation. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the event, and as always - FTK!

Brother Spotlight: Kerry Schwartz


Kerry Schwartz is a junior Finance and Economics major, progressing into her second year of being an exemplary brother of Alpha Kappa Psi. She rushed fall semester of 2016; her sophomore year, when she joined the Omicron pledge class. Kerry has always been extremely busy and involved on campus and provides a great example to other brothers through her unrelenting drive.

Last year, Kerry completed an internship with J.P. Morgan from November to May, where she worked as a Transaction Processing Specialist at the Delaware office. She enjoyed “how immersive the environment was and how I learned a lot at a young age.” After J.P. Morgan, she was offered an internship with the Inverness Counsel, which is a privately owned investment counsel firm located in Manhattan. She was the only intern for the Inverness Counsel where she was put to work on equity research, wealth management and portfolio balancing. Looking back at her internship with the Inverness Counsel, Kerry says, “I gained many different experiences in different divisions of finance and business.”

Now, Kerry is a Special Events Intern at the University of Delaware Career Services. Starting this fall semester, Kerry has already gotten her feet wet with event planning. Every day as a Special Events intern is a new challenge from meeting with employers for the University of Delaware Career Fair, to comparing different pricing structures of nearby schools to ensure they are not turning away potential employers.  

Although Kerry does enjoy the event planning aspect of business, she still is invested in numbers and finance.  

Besides her internships, Kerry has a busy schedule on campus. At the University of Delaware, she is on the founding board of Women in Finance, which is a new organization that helps women become emerged in the finance world by providing networking and career tips. In the near future, Kerry hopes that she can bring in influential speakers and spread the organization internationally.  In addition, Kerry is a member of the World Scholars Program, Track and Field Club, Cross Country Club, and Women in Business Club.

Come this summer, Kerry will be working at J.P. Morgan in the Manhattan office. She will be working in Global Finance in the corporate investment banking and CFO division. In the future, Kerry wants to own her own wealth management firm in Manhattan while traveling to other countries; she has already visited 29, her favorites being India, Iceland, and Peru.  Kerry encourages brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi, “Don't be afraid to go after what you want, and the rest will follow.” We wish Kerry the best of luck and look forward to hearing about her future endeavors!

Alumni Spotlight: Ari Swerling

ari swerling.jpg

Ari Swerling was a member of the Epsilon Pledge Class and graduated from the University of Delaware in the spring of 2014 with dual degrees in Management and Operations Management and a minor in Economics. Since graduation, Ari has been working for Gemalto, a global technology company specializing in cyber security in the Baltimore, Maryland area in a supply chain management role. When Ari was a student, he held the position of VP of Education on the Alpha Kappa Psi Executive Board and was involved with the Lerner Executive Mentorship Program, something that strongly influenced the pledge education program.

When asked about his fondest Alpha Kappa Psi memory, he remembers the last pledge meeting of his second semester as VP of Education. As the Iotas filed out of a Purnell classroom, Ari stayed behind to tidy up the room and place the desks back in their correct arrangement. He says, “It was surreal. Everything was done. I looked around at the empty classroom, turned out the light, and left. It was sort of like the closing scene of a sitcom series, both happy and sad at the same time.” Ari strongly influenced the VP of Education role and was very influential in designing the pledge education program.

Ari has continued to be an active member of the Omega Alpha alumni network by attending various Alumni Relations events and chapter rituals. He urges older brothers nearing graduation to maintain steady communication with the Chapter by keeping in touch with their Alpha Kappa Psi family and by sharing their unique career strengths with the Chapter. His biggest piece of advice to younger brothers is to learn the skill of networking earlier rather than later. Ari highlights how networking extends far beyond the bounds of the Alpha Kappa Psi network, but to the larger University of Delaware alumni community and to your own personal web of acquaintances. He urges underclassman to not shy away from approaching someone many years their senior and striking up a conversation. Learn how to find commonality and listen to the advice of those who have gone before you. These skills will not only sharpen your professional edge, but will continue to serve you well as you progress from Newark into a global workplace.

Ari is proud of Omega Alpha’s progress and growing presence in the Greek community on campus. His goal for the Chapter moving forward is the continued development of strategic initiatives from the executive board. By collectively uncovering operational inefficiencies and defining solutions, the Chapter can continue innovating and take the unique community to the next level.

Outside of the office, Ari enjoys the arts. Live theatre and cinema are his personal favorite outlets. He also enjoys following the markets and has a passion for personal finance. Ari has also continued to cultivate his love of community service. He will be visiting Houston, Texas next week to aid in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Within the next several years, Ari hopes to attend graduate school in pursuit of an MBA with a focus in supply chain management. Congratulations on all you have achieved Ari! Come home soon and we cannot wait to see how your career unfolds.

October 2017 by Jill Lukac

Fundraising Success at Pie-A-Psi

pie a psi.jpg

Philanthropy fundraising started off with a bang this October, as Pie-a-Psi reached an all time high for the Omega Alpha Chapter. Both brothers and other University of Delaware students had a blast throwing plates of whipped cream in each other’s faces on the Trabant patio. For $2 a pie, the event had an outstanding turnout in just a few short hours. Additionally, it was a perfect way for the pledges to not only hang out with brothers, but to also support a great cause.

 “Pie-a-Psi is such a great opportunity for brothers to come together and show our commitment to bettering the community around us. Every semester, it’s a time when the brothers bond with each other and our new pledges, which is also great to see. This semester, we raised a little over $300 to donate to our philanthropies: Lazarus Rising, the Boys and Girls Club, and UDance.” said Amanda Flores, Vice President of Finance. It was truly exciting to see how many people are willing to help out and contribute to the event.

“There is a lot of work that goes on before Pie-a-Psi, but the only way for it to be a huge success is with the help of our brotherhood. The number we raised this year is a testament to the support, dedication, and enthusiasm that each brother brings to the event to help our well-deserving philanthropies!” commented Caroline Grove, finance chair.

A huge thank you to both Amanda and Caroline for contributing so much time and effort to make this a fun and successful event for the brotherhood!

A Welcome Back from Abroad


Each semester, some of our brothers take their undergraduate studies elsewhere in the world. This fall, we welcome back Allison Donohue, Lea Farrell, Natalie Palmer, Sarah Safer, Matt Sonkin, and Marie Stellato. They’ve returned with a wealth of new knowledge, experiences, and worldly perspectives that will continue to contribute to the diversity of our Chapter into the future. Each of the brothers reflected on their time and offered any advice they might have to share with future world-traveling brothers.

Brothers Matt Sonkin and Sarah Safer lived abroad for four months in Rome, where they soaked up as much of the beautiful culture as they possibly could. Matt noted how studying abroad gave him a newfound feeling of independence and courage. “Every day, I had to be open to new things - new experiences. If you travel abroad and are not open to new things, you will not have a successful trip. Step out of your comfort zone - do things out of your ordinary.” He went on to explain his bold choices to go paragliding through the mountains of Interlaken, Switzerland and cliff jumping in Croatia.

abroad 2.jpg

Barcelona was a second home to brothers Lea Farrell, Marie Stellato, and Allison Donohue this past spring. The three raved about a semester filled with eating authentic paella, drinking sangria on the beach, shopping at the famous Las Ramblas, exploring Park Guell, and experiencing endless weekend getaways. Allison reflected on her semester thoughtfully, saying, “Studying abroad taught me that when you explore on your own you learn just as much about yourself as the destination. You'd be surprised how resourceful you can be when you show up in a city for the weekend with one backpack, a loose knowledge of the language, and no hostel reservations.”

Lea recalled some of her favorite weekends  traveling; one weekend she was falling in love with the history of Prague, while another she was paddle boarding along the Amalfi Coast of Italy – a dream destination for Lea. In her words, “Stepping out of your comfort zone can be difficult at times, but the experience you get from it is so rewarding! As cliché as this sounds, my entire semester abroad was truly an experience I will never forget.”

abroad 3.jpg

A few of the many destinations Marie visited include England, Italy, France, Portugal, and the Netherlands. She highlighted one weekend getaway that she found particularly amazing: Marrakesh, Morocco. “It was an extremely enlightening experience to travel to somewhere that is so drastically different from the United States. I met some of the most generous and kind people in Morocco, all of whom were Muslim. At a time when there is so much negativity in the world surrounding their religion and the United States, getting to see their culture first-hand gave me a new perspective.” Marie explained how it was moments like these that really put into perspective how lucky and privileged we all are.

Brother Natalie Palmer chose to relocate her studies to southern Spain in the city of Granada, where she lived among historic Arab architecture mixed with the cultural influence of Catholic rulers. “What made my semester so incredible was the full Spanish immersion. All my classes were taught in Spanish, I lived with a host mom, and because Granada is such a small little city, most of the locals didn’t know a word of English. Learning to adapt to this new language and culture was difficult at times, but so worthwhile.” She notes that the most memorable trip of the semester was hiking 60 miles of the Camino de Santiago through gorgeous Northern Spain.

The brothers are now safely back at the University of Delaware where they will finish up their degrees in the States. Welcome back, brothers! We are thrilled to have you back.

Alumni News

Congratulations to alumni Katelyn Murray on passing the Certified Public Account (CPA) exam!

Have exciting news? A work promotion, entrepreneurial initiative, or important life event? Contact Valerie Choy at so that the brotherhood can continue to support you no matter the time and miles apart!

Fall Rush Leads to Rhos


The Fall Rush process for 2017 came to a close on September 25th with the accumulation of the Rho Pledge Class. After having close to 200 potential new members come out to rush, only 27 individuals were selected to receive a bid from Alpha Kappa Psi. Rho pledge Evan Gavalakis commented that, “Although the overall rush process was semi-stressful, I actually enjoyed it. It was a great feeling to find such genuine people who care about me just as much as I care about them. Definitely excited to embark on the journey to becoming a brother.” Congratulations to the Rho Pledge Class – we cannot wait to see what you accomplish within the Chapter!

Interview 101

In conjunction with Ernst and Young, the Omega Alpha Chapter hosted a professional development interview workshop to prepare brothers and the Rho Pledge Class for the impending mayhem of recruiting season. Alumni brothers Ray Corona and Jordan Peck, along with campus recruiter Alex Carr, spoke with the group on the best strategies to combat behavioral questions, as well as effective ways to network before and after interviews.

When asked about the event, Ray Corona offered his insights on the state of Alpha Kappa Psi, “No matter the industry or field, I think our brothers are in a great position to succeed, not only because of their work ethic but also their ability to work together and lift each other up.” It is important to hear from those who have come before us, and the Omega Alpha Chapter is always grateful to those who continue to pave the way for the success of each and every brother.

Brunch Time with Alumni

alumni brunch.png

And another Alumni Brunch comes to a close! What a wonderful way to end Homecoming weekend and our alumni brothers’ trip down memory lane. Because of the hard work of the Vice President of Alumni Relations, Valerie Choy, current and graduated brothers met at Caffé Gelato for great brunch and great conversation.

When asked what she enjoyed most about reuniting with everyone, Charlotte Moro replied, “Speaking with the alumni and having them see us grow and mature into the new leaders of the fraternity was a rewarding experience.” Tiffany Canjura added, “It was lovely to reconnect with the alumni in a different way and to have them back again; my family was reunited!” I think we can all agree that this reunion was bliss and the food did not fall short. In fact, alumni Brandon Leung was recorded eating eight pieces of french toast. Even former president, Matt Sobel, said he “can’t top that, but we always have next year to try!”

Brothers and Bonfires

What better way to bond with our new pledge class than over an old fashioned bonfire and s’mores? The Rho Pledge Class joined the brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi for the annual Milburn Orchards pledge event on October 15th. The night started off with a hay-filled tractor ride to the bonfire under a clear sky dotted with stars.

Once everyone arrived at the bonfire site, there was a beeline for the apple cider, graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. While roasting marshmallows, brothers and pledges alike sat down around the fire to share stories and laughs. Time and time again, this event proves itself to be a prime opportunity for the pledges to scout out potential Bigs. Pledge Jillian Lukac gushed, “It was a great opportunity for us pledges to get to know more brothers in a less professional setting! And I love s’mores so that was a plus.” The brothers shared some of their funniest stories and answered any and all questions that the pledges had for them in a game of hot seat. The night came to a close with yet another round of apple cider and a returning hayride back to the parking lot.

Rho-ller Skating

roller skating.png

This Alpha Kappa Psi pledge event was a blast from the past! The brothers and pledges laced up their skates and met at the Christiana Skating Center on October 25th to enjoy a night of
Rho-ller skating -- a hockey player's heaven, a brother’s nightmare. Many pledges and brothers took quite a tumble while trying to get their footing in the rink. For many brothers and pledges, this was their first time roller skating in years; for the lucky ones, this was their time to show off the hard work of all their hockey and skating lessons. Brother Devon McGinn beamed, “I had no idea how much fun roller skating could be! I hadn’t roller skated in years, but everyone was so helpful and understanding.”

Although there were plenty of wipe-outs and falls, there were even more laughs. After a long night of skating, everyone took a break to enjoy fresh soft pretzels and Icees to finish a perfect night. All in all, the event was a great success and we expect to see an even bigger turnout next year!

Brother Spotlight: Moksh Shah

Moksh Shah is a sophomore marketing major and a member of the Pi Pledge Class, having rushed in the spring of 2017. Though only a sophomore, Moksh has been expanding and applying his marketing knowledge since the age of sixteen.

Moksh’s grandfather started a family business many years ago, DI-Moksh DIAM. INC, which focuses on the selling and distributing of loose diamonds. Originally based in India, the privately owned company has expanded its horizons to the United States (US), now owning locations in Los Angeles and New York City. Both US locations are managed by Moksh’s father, who took over the business alongside his brothers, after attending Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to perfect his trade.


Moksh himself has been preparing to manage the business after them. He began his career by learning grading techniques such as coloring, shapes, properties, and handling with care. In order to develop his networking skills, he shadowed his father and older cousin as they interacted with clients, marketed at trade shows, and made collections deals. While describing these trade shows, Moksh explained that the key to success in such an environment is to “Always be persistent. If someone says no to you, walk to the next company. Keep trying and never be afraid of getting criticized”.

DI-Moksh DIAM.INC generally attends three major trade shows a year in Las Vegas, New York, Hong Kong, or Los Angeles and spends the week before each trade show preparing for the competition by familiarizing themselves with every pawn shop in the local area. Once at the trade show, two people market to potential clients while the other two grade diamonds. DI-Moksh DIAM. INC has made customer service its number one priority and aspires to make loyal clientele out of the jewelers they meet at each trade show.

Over the years Moksh has grown into his role as a marketing consultant and diamond merchant. He has even begun creating his own clientele with a variety of third-party jewelers. He routinely travels to New York and attends trade shows and collections independently.

Looking back on his progression, Moksh says, “Back then, it was really hard for me because people thought I was a joke. They thought they could manipulate me, and they never took me seriously.” He explained that it has been a tremendous learning experience for him, and he’s happy to have had the opportunity to gain respect and build a reputation for himself in the business. He plans to graduate from the University of Delaware and travel to India to attend GIA so that he’ll have the acquired skill set to manage the company alongside his father. Good luck, Moksh, as you continue on your journey!


Alumni Spotlight: Jamie Ciamillo

Jamie Ciamillo attended the University of Delaware from 2006 to 2010 and graduated with a degree in both management and marketing with a minor in international business. Jamie was a member of the Alpha Pledge Class and had the unique perspective of being one of Omega Alpha’s founding brothers. While Jaime was involved in several other organizations on campus, she felt that no other organization could rival Alpha Kappa Psi in bringing together social qualities, professionalism, and community service. Since graduation, Jaime has worked in the advertising industry in New York City, starting her career with MEC in a digital media role.

Several years later, she transitioned to Red Fuse where she has been promoted several times and is currently on the global team as the Global Digital Performance Lead. In five years, she hopes to have continued her expertise and knowledge in the digital space and perhaps be working client-side

Jaime and the other founding brothers overcame several obstacles to establish the Omega Alpha Chapter on campus. She and the other founding brothers had a vision for a cohesive chapter that would gain traction and become well respected on campus. She says, “It was difficult getting the word out our first semester on campus to attract new members. Another challenge was establishing ourselves as a member of Greek Life on campus and being considered one of the recognized fraternities. It was a lot of work in the beginning to achieve all the requirements of the Greek Life office, and build up an entirely new chapter.” Jamie’s fondest memory about Alpha Kappa Psi is the bond she formed with the other founding members. She remembers the long nights they spent together trying to build the foundations of the Omega Alpha Chapter at the University of Delaware and to mold the legacy they wanted to leave behind for brothers in the future.

When asked about her biggest piece of advice for younger brothers, Jaime says she would urge newer brothers to make the most of their time at the University of Delaware overall and to leverage the Alpha Kappa Psi network. She says, “Whether it is an alumni of the University of Delaware, or someone from a chapter at another university, the fraternity is far-reaching and has graduated a number of successful colleagues. Reach out to them, schedule time to talk or meet, and use all of us for advice – we were where you are at one point!”

Moving forward, Jamie hopes to continue to watch the Chapter thrive and become a force to be reckoned with within the Greek community. She looks forward to seeing what our brothers accomplish in the business world as young professionals. We owe our strong Chapter to the efforts of Jamie and our other founding members. Thank you, Jamie, and we look forward to seeing where your career takes you next!

Summer 2017 by Jill Lukac

An "Award-Winning" Convention


From August 2nd-5th, the 59th AKPsi Convention took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. At this event, which occurs every two years, the Omega Alpha Chapter was represented by four of our brothers: Valerie Choy, Joshua Clarke, Erin Mickles, and Meghan Ruoff.  

Throughout the four-day conference, these representatives were able to take part in a number of events, including an Opening Social, Committee Meetings, Chapter Congress, and the Awards Banquet. Meghan Ruoff cited attending the Chapter Congress as one of the most memorable events, stating, “When you’re on campus, it’s easy to forget someone is in charge of making the rules for our Fraternity. Being a part of Chapter Congress, I was able to vote on the behalf of our Chapter in the passing of new legislation.” During Chapter Congress, Meghan, along with representatives from chapters across the nation, voted to pass the dissolution of the Annual Chapter Report (ACR) with an initiative that will instead focus on each chapter’s future goals.

All four brothers also attended Celebration of Brotherhood, a ceremony that celebrates the lives of all Brothers, both living and passed. At this event, representatives had the opportunity to honor Dominic Coyle, an honorary member of the Omega Alpha Chapter.

Most excitingly, at the culmination of the Awards Banquet, representatives accepted two separate awards on the behalf of the Chapter. The Omega Alpha Chapter received both the Outstanding Chapter Philanthropy Programming Award for our efforts with UDance and the Chapter of the Year Award for achieving over 100,000 points towards the ACR!

Summer Travels


The summer may have been a break from school, but our Brothers continued their professional development while exploring and learning abroad!

Eddie D’Amore worked in Hong Kong for Strix PLC as a Business Analyst. For the 8 weeks he was there, Eddie helped the company with its IPO, transition to its new reporting tool, IBM Cognos Analytics, and worked on HR statements.

Amanda Flores participated in an 8-week intensive summer immersion program in Changhun, China. Throughout her time there, she pledged to not use English. Instead, she took 4 hours of Chinese class every day. She found this opportunity through the U.S. Department of State, called the Critical Language Scholarship.




Full Time Offers

After a challenging summer, these hardworking brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi have been offered full time positions following their graduation. Congratulations to each of you, and keep up the hard work!

Sean Bates
Tax Associate | PricewaterhouseCoopers
Florham Park, NJ

Sam Bebout
Northeast Assurance Staff | Ernst and Young
New York, NY

Christina Capobianco
US Wealth Advisory Sales Analyst | BlackRock
Princeton, NJ

Valerie Choy
Bus. Development & Events Assistant | B Floral,
New York, NY

Isabel Gomez
Financial Consultant | Ernst and Young
New York, NY

Meghan Hart
Consulting Associate | RSM
Philadelphia, PA

Jamie Levy
SHINE Associate | Deloitte
New York, NY

Erin Mickles
Management Trainee | Enterprise
Newark, DE

Jillian Palmieri
First Year Audit Associate | RSM
New York, NY

Kaitlin Woo
Technology Analyst Software Engineer | J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
New York, NY

Alumni News

Congratulations to alumni Gary Ulrich on passing the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) exam!

Congratulations to the following alumni on receiving Full Time offers:

Zach Lebowitz – Redfuse Media, New York, NY
Ellie Rosen – FCB Health – New York, NY

Have exciting news? A work promotion, entrepreneurial initiative, or important life event? Contact Valerie Choy at so that the brotherhood can continue to support you no matter the time and miles apart!

A Happy Reunion


On Saturday, August 12th, the Omega Alpha Chapter had its very first Summer Alumni Reunion. A total of 42 alumni, along with family members and friends, gathered at Bar Anticipation in Belmar, New Jersey for a day of sunshine, dancing, and singing. From the founding brothers to the most recently graduated Class of 2017, all were finally reunited for a last hurrah before the end of summer. With that being said, a very special thank you goes out to Alumni Alec Lorenzo for organizing the event - without him this reunion would not have been possible!

Brother Spotlights: Summer Internships

What a professionally productive summer! Over 60 of our brothers spent their summers working at an internship or gaining similar relevant work experience. From global non-profits, to newspaper editorials, to start-up boutiques, the brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi have had some incredible opportunities this summer.

Learn more about five of our brothers’ unique experiences below:

Stephen Dubois                                                                                                                                  Managing Attorney Intern | Kelley Drye & Warren LLP | New York, NY


Working for an international law firm, Stephen spent much of his summer traveling to local courts and government offices. The firm practices in New York City to retrieve sensitive files and documents related to court cases. He interacted heavily with court judges, attorneys, and most importantly, law clerks. Stephen stated, “Speaking with the law clerks really helped me define my career path in law, as they helped me in my considerations of law school moving forward.” Stephen also made mention to the impact AKPsi has had on his ability to maintain the high level of professionalism required in his internship’s work setting, even as only a sophomore.

Cricket Francisco                                                                                                                                 Higher Education Intern | Partners of the Americas | Washington, D.C.


At Partners of the Americas, Cricket contributed to a non-profit team that has awarded over $5 million in grants to higher education institutions to promote study abroad to and from Latin America. During her internship, she reviewed grant proposals, compiled applicant feedback, and collected donor reports. Cricket cites not only her professionalism to AKPsi, but also her internship - another brother, Joshua Clarke, provided her with the networking connection that led to her internship experience. Cricket believes that she has learned a lot from her experience, but, most importantly, she says that, “This opportunity reaffirmed that my interests in Latin American politics and my professional know-how can combine into a meaningful career.”

Caroline Grove                                                                                                                                     IT Administration Finance Intern | Northwell Health | Lake Success, NY


Caroline spent her summer working within the Healthcare Administration industry as a Finance Intern in Northwell Health’s IT Department, where much of her summer was spent aiding in the preparation of the health system’s 2018 IT Operating and Capital budgets proposal. Caroline’s favorite part of her experience was the clear vision between Northwell Health’s mission and day-to-day functions, citing, “It was incredibly rewarding to be able to attend proposal meetings and see future projects that would have a direct impact on both doctors and patients alike. Without the behind the scenes work of my department, that impact would not be possible.”  AKPsi provided her not only with the teamwork and communication skills to succeed, but also the internship opportunity itself through another AKPsi brother.

Mike Henretty                                                                                                                                      Editorial Intern | Philadelphia Business Journal | Philadelphia, PA


Working at the Philadelphia Business Journal, Mike worked directly with both the Editor in Chief and Publisher to produce editorial articles, coordinate events, and generate advertising revenue. Mike was given the unique opportunity to report on Urban Outfitter’s campus, touring the facilities in conjunction with Urban Outfitter’s CEO. Mike enjoyed the high-pressure environment his internship provided him, with deadlines sometimes less than an hour in which to produce results. Through his experiences, Mike learned a lot, stating, “During my internship, I quickly had to learn to work with many more personality types than I was previously used to. Being around people from all different walks of life helped to greatly develop my interpersonal skills.”

Jasnoor Hundal                                                                                                                                    Business Development Intern | Cecile Boutique | Newark, DE


Jasnoor began working with the start-up company, Cecile Boutique, two months before the company was even operational. During that time, Jasnoor helped with key decision making and aided in organizing and communicating with vendors and suppliers. After the store’s grand opening, Jasnoor implemented a cross-channel social media campaign to build the company’s customer base and recruit high school juniors and seniors as “Cecil Stars” company ambassadors. Jasnoor cited her marketing and recruiting strategies much of what she has experienced and observed from her membership in AKPsi, stating, “Without the connections I have made in AKPsi, I would not have had the marketing and recruiting experience that has aided in the execution of Cecil Stars”.

Alumni Spotlight: Pat Vroman

pat vroman.png

Pat Vroman graduated from the University of Delaware in May of 2016 with degrees in Finance and International Business Studies. Pat was a member of the Iota Pledge Class and served as part of the Alumni Relations Committee, which ultimately led him to apply for the Vice President of Alumni Relations position on the executive board. Pat made excellent contributions to the Chapter in this role through the 2015-2016 academic school year.

Since graduation, Pat has been working for Citibank in New York. More specifically, he works in Credit Cards within the Global Consumer Bank. His role is primarily focused on driving enhancements to the customers’ experiences across different channels through innovation, testing, and pre/post launch analytics.

After a year in the corporate arena, Pat looks back at his time as a brother fondly, remembering the lifelong friendships he has built and the business acumen he has gained. Pat found the diversity of thought represented in our Chapter to be enriching and eye opening. He says, “Each person that I have met has a unique perspective, which allows for great conversation and the ability to have an opinion.” Pat has found that exposure to be invaluable in the workplace, as Citibank senior management often asks him to provide fresh insight on a problem. Pat encourages college graduates not to discredit their opinion due to lack of experience, but rather to realize the value of new perspective in a space where creative thinking and ideation is essential.

When asked about the adjustments and challenges of post college life, Pat notes that time management is an essential skill to translate from undergraduate study to full-time employment. From a work perspective, Pat says excellent time management is key in order to deliver on various deadlines across various projects.

Outside of the office, Pat realizes that it is more of a challenge to keep up with his close friends as they are spread across many different cities. He says, “I make it a point to use my time wisely to see as many of my Alpha Kappa Psi friends as possible on a regular basis. We plan weekend trips and other fun events.” Most recently, Pat traveled with fellow AKPsi alumni Katelyn Murray, Alec Lorenzo, Tali Cohen, Jochelle Dasent, and Jake Wainwright on a trip to California. Pat also says he has learned the importance of taking time for himself here and there. He encourages young college graduates to find something outside of the day-to-day routine that gives peace of mind and clarity. For Pat, this takes the form of travel, intramural sports, and trips to the beach.

p vroman.jpg

When asked about his biggest piece of advice to younger brothers, Pat urges both new and old brothers to utilize the various resources available to the Chapter. He says, “We have an incredible network of graduated brothers working in countless types of industries. If you are interested in a position or company, work with the Alumni Relations Committee to see what brothers are working there. They’re your best source of intel on a job.”

Looking ahead, Pat looks to potentially take a position outside of the United States. While we will of course miss him, we know that only great things lie ahead. Thank you for all your contributions to the Omega Alpha Chapter Pat, and we cannot wait to see what you accomplish next!






APRIL 2017 by Jill Lukac


Brothers and alumni enjoying the golf outing

Brothers and alumni enjoying the golf outing

The Third Annual Omega Alpha Golf Outing brought some of the greatest successes the event has seen yet. Despite a bit of rain, the Delcastle Golf Club reached full capacity as current brothers and alumni alike returned back to the Delaware area for the event. A total of 52 golfers spent their afternoon competing in teams of four for the coveted trophy, Delcastle gift cards, and bragging rights. The winners were announced at the networking barbeque following the event, where over three times the amount of alumni from last year’s outing came back to reconnect with current brothers.

Alumni Shannon Carty, a member of the Kappa Pledge Class, cited the different experiences she had while attending the event as both a brother and alumni, “As a brother, I always loved getting to interact with those alumni who made the trip back and hearing about their post-grad experiences. Now, as an alumna, the golf outing serves as such an amazing way for me to both catch up with some of the closest friends I made at UD as fellow alumni and witness firsthand all of the great things our current brothers and chapter are doing.”

Another fellow alumni, Patrick Cydylo, a member of the Lambda Pledge Class, also felt that returning to the golf outing highlighted the Chapter’s growth, stating, “It's always mind blowing to walk into one of these events and see the vast amount of new faces; which not only makes us alumni feel old, but also gives us a sense of pride that the Chapter has continued to excel after we all have graduated and moved into the working world.”

The Golf Outing raised just shy of $3,000, far surpassing the successes of previous years. The Golf Outing’s creator, and now an alumni himself, Pat Vroman had some closing remarks after attending the Third Annual Omega Alpha Golf Outing, stating, “After our third year, it's clear that this event is a product of the dedication that so many people have to this organization. Val [2017-2018 Vice President of Alumni Relations] did an amazing job with the logistics, level of detail, and preparation for the Outing; and I know it will only continue to get bigger in the future. As Alex [2016-2017 Vice President of Alumni Relations], Val, and I know, events like this cannot come to fruition without the help of volunteers from the Chapter. With that being said, I think it's important to thank everyone who contributed to the event each year. It could never be done without that help.”


Brothers Alex Kennedy, Tiffany Canjura, Amanda Flores, Tom Esposito and Erin Mickles

Brothers Alex Kennedy, Tiffany Canjura, Amanda Flores, Tom Esposito and Erin Mickles

Before you plan next year’s spring break trip, you may want to hear what our brothers Jake Brown, Sam Bebout, Tiffany Canjura, Jack Coyle, Hannah Crismon, Tom Esposito, Amanda Flores, Victoria Fusco, Megan Garner, Gina Gesualdi, Alex Kennedy, Dalton Layfield, Brandon Leung, Anthony Manno, Erin Mickles, Charlotte Moro, and Katelyn Murray did this spring break. From Tennessee to Maine, our brothers took it upon themselves to spend their week off giving back to communities.

The University of Delaware Alternative Break (UDaB) is a program that sends student-led teams to communities across the nation, where they provide services that vary from taking care of children in homeless shelters to chopping down wood in community rebuilding efforts. UDaB strives to connect students with non-profit organizations, so that they may become more informed of the social injustices occurring today and the importance of lifelong citizenship.

How did our brothers hear about this program? “Alumni brother Pat Vroman told me about the opportunity,” Anthony Manno said, sharing that, “Pat advocated for a few things at the University of Delaware: Alpha Kappa Psi and going on a UDaB service trip.” Thanks to the suggestion of one of our graduated brothers, Anthony Manno had the opportunity to partake in a Habitat for Humanity trip alongside brother Charlotte Moro in Maryland. When asked to describe his feelings after doing a week of service, Anthony replied, “Adversity is evident in our lives everyday day on campus, but this trip made me realize I am truly fortunate and blessed to have the life that I do.”

After speaking with brothers who had returned from the trip, it was clear they each had two things in common: a newfound appreciation for life and a growing desire to reach out to their local communities. “The small things we do, do have an impact,” Dalton Layfield recalled. In a society ridden with injustices, it may seem that it is impossible to create change; however, our brothers have come back from their trips with a newfound sense of motivation. Dalton has even expressed a desire to be a site leader in the future.

As the school year comes to a close and we all go our separate ways for the summer, remember how lucky we all are to be surrounded by such selfless and inspiring individuals. Because of small acts like these, our world is becoming a better place for everyone to live in. Alpha Kappa Psi thanks our brothers for their relentless dedication to unity and service.


Pi Pledge Class

Pi Pledge Class

The pledges proved themselves yet again on April 17th when they presented their ideas for the betterment of the Chapter in front of the brotherhood. The Pi Pledge Class was separated by their interests into six teams of four, highlighting the different committees these future brothers will be able to join once initiated. Teams included: brotherhood, community service, fundraising, alumni relations, and two professional development committees. Each team brainstormed together to develop a new event that each committee could implement in the future to improve the fraternity as a whole. Ideas ranged from teaming together with a local Delaware library to bring books to those in need for a community service event, to an alumni relations event held at Dave and Buster’s. In the end, the brothers chose an escape room styled brotherhood event as the best pledge proposal of the night. Congrats to Daria Didehvar, Melanie Sillman, Nikki Malhotra, and Moksh Shah, who presented this winning idea!

The excitement did not end there, however, as pledges were also welcomed into their new families upon receiving their Bigs later that night as well.


Pi Pledge Class

Pi Pledge Class

After seven weeks of hard work, the Pi Pledge Class was finally initiated on April 29th. After Initiation, the entire chapter gathered together in front of Old College to congratulate the new brothers and to take photos on the steps of Old College. Congratulations to our new brothers - we cannot wait to see the value and contributions you bring to Alpha Kappa Psi in the future!


Tiffany Canjura is a sophomore Business Management major with an International Business and Advertising double minor. She pledged Alpha Kappa Psi in the fall of 2016 and is a member of the Omicron Pledge Class.

Outside of Alpha Kappa Psi, Tiffany is involved with a number of organizations on and off campus. She is a Marketing Representative for Insomnia Cookies, a Social Media Ambassador for the University of Delaware, a Teaching Assistant for the Lerner Graduate Program, and the current President of the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA). When asked which of these incredible opportunities has been most rewarding, Tiffany cited her role as President of ALPFA as one of the top, as she plays an influential role in helping the individuals of this organization grow professionally. Through LinkedIn workshops, resume reviews, and inviting speakers to discuss potential internships and job opportunities, Tiffany plays a special role in helping to mentor these individuals.

One of her most recent accomplishments was the creation and execution of the Ernst and Young’s Lerner Games recruiting event, held on April 11th. After developing a strong relationship with Ernst and Young’s main recruiter, Tiffany reached out to her with the hopes of creating a recruiting event that could be considered fun and unlike anything ever done on the University of Delaware campus before. They worked together to create a large scale event that would benefit the entire University of Delaware community. After months of careful planning, the Olympic Games style event had an incredible turnout with over 75 students and 15 recruiters in attendance, charting this inaugural event as a great success.

When asked what advice Tiffany had for the rest of the brotherhood, she stated the following, “Absolutely, my biggest piece of advice would be to pay it forward. Being among such talented and accomplished individuals, it’s natural to feel intimidated or threatened by someone else's success, but rather than feeling all those negative emotions, channeling them to help out your fellow brothers always proves to be more beneficial for both parties in the long-run. We all have different paths for success and we need people like the members of our brotherhood to help us get there.”


James Devlin graduated from the University of Delaware with dual majors in Finance and Accounting in 2011. As a member of the Alpha Pledge Class and a founding member, James was highly influential in shaping the Omega Alpha Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi. He started his college career as a Biology major but switched into the business school during the fall of his freshman year. James was hoping to plug into an organization that would both build his professional skills and expand his network with other business students within the Lerner College of Business and Economics. When walking through Lerner Hall one day, James and his friends saw posters looking for students to form an Alpha Kappa Psi chapter at the University of Delaware. James seized the opportunity and was excited by the prospect of creating an organization that would benefit students for years following the conclusion of his own college career. He says, “I thought it would be a great way to get involved and meet new people, and thought it was even better that I could be one of the initial members who would have a say in how the organization was formed and what the eventual culture would be.” However, creating the Omega Alpha Chapter also came with its share of challenges. James remembers the challenges of deciding to become a Greek organization rather than a RSO along with how to properly market the organization to the student body. He looks back at how the rush process evolved during his time in the Chapter, from at the beginning consisting mostly of friends and friends of friends, to eventually reaching much of the Lerner community.

In the Chapter’s early stages, he remembers how it was difficult to host events and fundraisers around campus when the organization was not yet firmly established and widely known. The founding brothers laid the foundations for the professional and social qualities of the Chapter by holding professional development events such as resume reviews and mock interviews as well as date parties and formals. The unique balance between being both professional and social continues to set Alpha Kappa Psi apart on campus thanks to the efforts of our founding brothers like James!

Following his graduation from the University of Delaware, James pursued his CPA and worked for Ernst & Young for several years until going back to school at NYU Stern to complete a MBA. He says, “I wanted to get the degree and further my education but it was more important to me to go to a great school with great classmates and a strong alumni network where I would be able to build relationships that I could hopefully leverage in the future whether it be for a career move or a future business partner/client.” After spending five years with Ernst & Young, James began a career at Bank of America Merrill Lynch on the finance team with their Equity Synthetics and Securities Lending trading desk. In the long run, James sees himself in a CFO role at a hedge fund or alternative investments firm. He is excited to be working in investment banking and looks forward to what lies ahead.

James’ biggest piece of advice to younger brothers is to take advantage of every aspect of Alpha Kappa Psi, from professional development to building an invaluable personal network. He notes that while the technical skills are important, the soft skills are of equal relevance. James suggests reading the news daily and being educated on current events’ allows you to present yourself professionally and hold engaging conversations with others in the corporate arena. He says, “It sounds like a lot but I've had conversations with colleagues and clients about everything from valuation of Snapchat's IPO and outlook on the banking industry to who is pitching that night for the Yankees…You learn the technical skills on the job, but the soft skills are super important and often overlooked while you are in school.”

When laying the foundations of the Chapter, James and the other founding brothers envisioned a community of diverse, yet like-minded individuals that function like a large family. He encourages all brothers to continue to foster that spirit of brotherhood by being accessible to the Chapter as a resource and by utilizing our gifts and skill sets for the betterment of the Chapter. He says, “Make sure you look out for one another however you can. Treat each other like family - there's a reason we're all ‘Brothers’. If someone needs a favor or if they reach out for help for a close friend or family member, go out of your way to help them however you can.”

James is proud of how rapidly Alpha Kappa Psi has grown at the University of Delaware. “I definitely think it has gone in a great direction towards what we initially imagined. Hearing about the amount of people that come out to rush each semester shows the popularity the Chapter has gained and that it is a great organization that people want to be a part of”, says James. Our strong chapter is a result of James’ and the other founding brothers’ dedication, initiative, and vision. Thank you for your continued guidance and we are honored to continue on your legacy here at the University of Delaware!


Professor Serva was initiated into Alpha Kappa Psi as a faculty adviser in the spring of 2016 and has already been very involved with the brotherhood. At his Initiation ceremony, he shared words of wisdom with us on the importance of staying unified in the light of the political divide in the nation. He continues to share his knowledge with us whenever we see him around, like at the Third Annual Omega Alpha Golf Outing. The brothers love talking to him, as he has been a mentor to us all.

Professor Serva has taught at the University of Delaware for 18 years, beginning in 1999. Previously, he was also a professor at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Through the years, he has had the opportunity to teach almost every Management Information Class available at the University of Delaware, but most currently he teaches Introduction to Programming Business Applications (MISY225), Database Design and Implementation (MISY330), and Business Application Development II (MISY350). Professor Serva believes there are two types of learning: content and skills. He focuses more so on skills, believing that skills tend to stick with an individual, but content itself is more easily forgotten.

During this past spring break, he conducted a workshop at American University in Cairo, Egypt. He has been teaching workshops for over 13 years, and his trip to Africa will represent his fifth continent on which he teaches. He believes that, “In contrast to the current divisive political climate in this country toward immigrants, my travels have grown my appreciation for other cultures. The opportunity to work with faculty who love to teach has only enhanced my love and appreciation of this discipline and made me a better teacher.” Thanks for sharing with us Professor Serva, and we look forward to getting to know you more in the years to come!

MARCH 2017 by Jill Lukac


For a SMILE. For a LIFE. For a CURE.

For a SMILE. For a LIFE. For a CURE.

The 11th annual UDance, the University of Delaware’s largest student-run philanthropy, occurred on March 13th. The Omega Alpha chapter surpassed their goal of $20,387, raising a grand total of $21,725.  Special recognition must be given to Mackenzie Campbell, Tiffany Canjura, Francesca Gill, William Millus, and Katelyn Murray for each raising over $1,000 to our team.  A very special thank you goes out to all of our team sponsors, especially our alumni; without their generous donations we would not have been able to raise as much as we did in our fight against childhood cancer. UDance raised a total of $1,890,337 this year, breaking their total from last year. Brothers were able to spend the day dancing and hanging out with our B+ Hero, Nate, and his family. Thank you to all those who fundraised, donated, and supported our cause.  With your help, we are 1.89 million small steps closer to ensuring that our future is no longer plagued by childhood cancer. FTK.

Chapter Review


The Omega Alpha chapter kicked off their philanthropy events this semester with Pie-A-Psi. Participants paid $2 to pie their favorite brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi in the face! Held outside of Trabant, this event raised $235 to go to Boys and Girls Club and Lazarus Rising. The event was a lot of fun and served as an opportunity for Brothers and our newest Pledges to socialize and interact with each other and the UD community.  It was inspiring to see how many non-members (typically friends of Brothers) were willing to donate just to send a plate full of whipped cream smashing into the face of our participants.  Thank you to everyone who helped with the event, got pied, or enjoyed the opportunity to Pie-a-Psi for a great cause.

Spring Rush

The Spring Rush process for 2017 came to a close earlier this month with the accumulation of the Pi pledge class. Only 24 individuals were selected out of over the 100 who came out for rush. Congratulations to the Pi Pledge Class for making the cut – we cannot wait to see the contributions you all bring to the Chapter.  

Andrew Devlin | Anna Biondi | Brennan Chuprinko | Bridget Williams | Daria Didehvar | Edward D'Amore | Giuseppe Penna | Greg Ludwig | Jackie LePage | Jared Kempner | Jasnoor Hundal | Jordan Langs |      Justin Silberlust | Lauren Bambach | Lea Mancuso | Maneesha Movva | Matt Bastian | Melanie Sillman | Moksh Shah | Nathan Springer | Nikki Malhotra | Nina Lesky | Scott Kurten | Shannon Wade |

Pi Pledge Class

Pi Pledge Class

Brother Spotlight

Kaitlin Woo is a Junior Management Information Systems and Marketing double major. She pledged Alpha Kappa Psi in her fall semester of sophomore year in the Nu pledge class.

Before being initiated into the brotherhood, Kaitlin spent her summer before sophomore year working in retail. She described this experience as the first thing that pushed her to want to develop her professionalism and secure an internship that would be more relevant to her major and something she could enjoy. That winter, she applied to 80 internships and landed externships with Deloitte and JP Morgan. Soon the offers followed, which she gladly accepted from JP Morgan. “Externships are seriously important”, she emphasized, saying that it makes a world of a difference when the employer gets to have a face-to-face conversation with you, rather than just reading an application online. Working for JP Morgan last summer gave Kaitlin a glimpse into what her future would be with a MIS bachelor’s degree. As the Technology Project Manager, she had the pleasure of meeting other interns and associates who come from computer science backgrounds- meaning they had more expertise in coding. She did not let their superior skills intimidate her, however, and was so beneficial to the Technology Analyst Program that JPMorgan has offered her another position for this summer in the New York Metro office!

When asked what she most enjoyed about AKPsi, she replied, “Being surrounded by so many successful people makes you realize you can do it too.” After having a slow start with her involvement freshman year, Kaitlin now finds herself on the executive board of Circle K, a sister of Kappa Alpha Theta, a founding member of Make a Difference at UD, and finally of course an honorable brother of Alpha Kappa Psi!

Alumni Spotlight

jake zucker.png

Jake Zucker graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice during the spring of 2016. He rushed Alpha Kappa Psi as a sophomore and is a member of the Kappa Pledge Class. Since his graduation, Jake has been attending Brooklyn Law School, where he studies corporate law. An engaged and active brother of the Omega Alpha Chapter, Jake was elected Executive Vice President (EVP) after only one semester of membership. Jake continues to be involved on campus at Brooklyn Law School with the Brooklyn Business Law Association, an organization that joins together law students with common business interests.

In the long run, Jake sees himself as a corporate prosecution attorney, specializing in areas such as tax evasion and securities law. While a brother, Jake lent a unique perspective to the brotherhood by coalescing his interests in legal studies and traditional business fields. He is now enjoying building upon the business foundation he received during his undergraduate career to eventually practice white color prosecution. Jake has secured an internship with NYPD for this upcoming summer, where he will have the opportunity to exercise his education in the field.

Jake looks back fondly on his time with the Chapter. He recalls Big Little Reveal as one of his favorite memories. The relationships he formed in Alpha Kappa Psi are incredibly valuable to him even post graduation. Jake names mentorship as the greatest thing he took away from Alpha Kappa Psi. He never had an older sibling, and therefore lacked such a role model figure. However, he says he found that relationship with his big, Patrick Sears, and was then able to be that role model figure for his own little, Valerie Choy, and other younger brothers. Jake matured both personally and professionally in Alpha Kappa Psi and is grateful for the effortless and genuine friendships he built here.

Jake hopes to encourage the underclassmen to get involved with the Chapter early on in their college career. He notes that it is never too early to immerse yourself in everything that Alpha Kappa Psi has to offer, but there is a time when it becomes too late. The benefits you receive as a newer brother are a function of your time and commitment. Jake urges the younger brothers to proactively approach older brothers to form personal and professional bonds that will continue after our days as students. Jake served the Chapter as EVP and says that the leadership experience he received from the executive board continues to pay him dividends in his professional life. He encourages younger brothers to embrace leadership positions, to never grow complacent in the status quo, and to continue to think creatively to better the Chapter as a whole.

Faculty spotlight

Diane Wright (right)

Diane Wright (right)

Professor Wright has been a professor at the University of Delaware for 16 years, most recently she teaches MISY 160, Business Computing Tools and Concepts. Over the years, she has taught a number of Accounting and Management Information classes, including ACCT207, ACCT208, MISY431, and MISY432. In 2010, she became initiated as a Faculty Advisor.  When teaching her students, Prof. Wright believes it is most valuable to ensure students learn time management, project management, and the ability to think critically, on top of the software itself.  When asked about the curriculum she teaches, she stated, “I believe that all students in business should be prepared with the skills and tools to know what data they need to have, how to turn that data into information, how to analyze that information, think critically, make informed, ethical decisions, and be able to clearly articulate those decisions. They need to be aware that their decisions may impact other units in their organizations, as well as the local and global community.” She believes that Alpha Kappa Psi is an excellent organization, and is consistently impressed with the caliber of members and the networking opportunities that will last you a lifetime.

February 2017 by Jill Lukac


UDance - March 12                                                              Golf Outing - April 22

Pie-a-Psi - March 22                                                             Initiation - April 29

Midcourt - April 9

Interested in attending any of these events? Contact Valerie Choy at


new executive board

The Omega Alpha Chapter elected its new executive board for the 2017 Calendar Year. The new positions are as follows:

President - Samuel Bebout

Executive Vice President - Claudia Seemans

Vice President of Accounting - Sean Bates

Vice President of Alumni Relations - Valerie Choy

Vice President of Communications - Jillian Palmieri

Vice President of Education - Cricket Francisco

Vice President of Finance - Amanda Flores

Vice President of Membership - Anthony Manno

Vice President of Operations - Hannah Chan

Vice President of Professional Development - Jack Coyle

Master of Rituals - Dalton Layfield


Brothers Megan Garner (left) and Erin Mickles (right) smile at the top of the London Eye.

Brothers Megan Garner (left) and Erin Mickles (right) smile at the top of the London Eye.

Welcome back to brothers Matt Richardson, Erica Watson, Erin Mickles, and Megan Garner, who spent the fall 2016 semester abroad traveling across Europe. While we have missed these brothers in their absence, their diverse and eye-opening experiences will aid them in their future contributions to the chapter. Matt Richardson, who spent his semester studying in Paderno Del Grappa, Italy, along with Erica Watson, found that many of his past perceptions of Italian culture were immediately challenged when he found himself immersed. Matt said, “Most of the course work that I took revolved around the different cultural values and norms that all of these different places held. Through learning about them and experiencing them first hand I have been able to gain a new perspective on the world.”

Erin Mickles cited a similar experience from her time spent in Paris urging other brothers to study abroad if possible. Erin said, “I highly recommend experiencing life within another culture. It allows for a new understanding of a culture different from your own. Living in France and exploring other countries, I gained a newfound respect for cultural differences.”

These brothers spent four months abroad in their respective countries, and in between studying and sightseeing within their host countries, managed to find time to explore other parts of the world as well. When Matt reflects on his experience abroad, he remembers his time visiting the Greek Island of Santorini most fondly, as he explained, “It may have been the most beautiful place that I have ever traveled to. The picturesque views, the unique white cliff-homes, and relaxed atmosphere is something that I definitely could have gotten used to. I will definitely be back one day!” Megan Garner, who was abroad in London had a different sort of favorite memory, recalling, “Being in Europe opened up the whole world, and yet suddenly made it so much smaller. During my time abroad, I was lucky enough to see each of our brothers who were studying abroad in various countries throughout the world. It was a unique experience that I will cherish forever.”

Erica Watson reaches the top of the Arc de Triomphe on a trip to Paris.

Erica Watson reaches the top of the Arc de Triomphe on a trip to Paris.

Matt Richardson stands atop a catamaran on his trip to Santorini, Greece.

Matt Richardson stands atop a catamaran on his trip to Santorini, Greece.

winter session in review

What a winter! While many of us were sitting on the couch binge watching Netflix shows, our brothers Avalon Greene, Josh Kleinman, Ally Siegel, Claudia Seemans, Maggie Loughran, Sam Bebout, Tom Esposito, Hannah Chan, Alex Chiodo, Kaitlin Woo, Hannah Crismon, and Marie Stellato were out exploring foreign lands, pursuing their professional endeavors, and just being downright awesome.

Take Avalon and Josh for example: while immersing themselves in the culture of Barcelona, they also held marketing internship positions. Avalon worked for SpaceUp, where she created an operations manual for the business. Josh worked for Alba Delgado, a start-up technology consulting company, where he helped them reach their target market and wrote an operations manual with the founder of the company.

Ally and Claudia explored Italy over this winter and if you weren’t jealous already, check out their Instagrams for some breathtaking pictures of the trip!

Maggie had the best of both worlds – traveling to both Spain and Italy!

But the traveling doesn’t end there – Sam and Tom spent their winter in New Zealand and Fiji.  Sam Bebout, Mr. President himself, has also landed an internship with Ernst and Young in the Northeast Assurance group. Hannah Chan has also accepted an offer as the Data Analytics intern for PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York City. She took this winter as an opportunity to explore South Africa – way to go Hannah!

Back here in the U.S., Alex is commissioning as a field artillery officer in the U.S. Army. He has devoted his college career to the ROTC program and the Reviresco chapter. Huge congratulations to you, Alex. Kaitlin participated in the UD Job Shadow Program, where she had the opportunity to shadow UD alumni in workplaces such as Rutter Associates, Showtime Networks, and The Melini Group. She has committed to an internship with J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. as their Technology Analyst Program Intern. Marie Stellato will be interning for Ross Stores, Inc. as an Assistant Buyer in their NYC location. Hannah Crismon has also secured a summer internship with the Investment Management division at Vangaurd in Malvern, PA.

Winter 2016 graduates

A bittersweet congratulations goes out to Mike D’Amico, Logan Horn, Talia Jarmus, Matt Hahn, Laura Gettier, and Zach Campbell in honor of their graduation last semester. While we will miss you dearly, we also look forward to celebrating the many accomplishments you will make in the future. Thank you for all of the memories and contributions you have made to better our chapter over the years. Best of luck to you in all your future endeavors, and don’t forget to come back and visit!


From left, brothers Jack Coyle, Amanda Flores, Anthony Manno, and Joshua Clarke pose after winning second in the PBLI Case Competition.

From left, brothers Jack Coyle, Amanda Flores, Anthony Manno, and Joshua Clarke pose after winning second in the PBLI Case Competition.

Earlier this month, the Omega Alpha Chapter was represented by 16 brothers at the Principled Business Leaders Institute (PBLI) conference in Philadelphia. Brothers attended a number of keynote speakers, networking and professional development workshops, as well as reaching out to other chapters to share our chapter operation strategies. At the conference, Omega Alpha won second in the Annual Case Competition, along with the Recruiting Excellence Award!






Brothers attend a Blue Hen’s football game with Nate and family.

Brothers attend a Blue Hen’s football game with Nate and family.


Dear Alpha Kappa Psi Alumni,

With the 10th annual UDance taking place on March 12th, we are putting our best efforts into fundraising by sending letters and emails to our family and friends, going canning, pairing with restaurants near campus, and reaching out to our esteemed alumni. Most of the money raised for UDance is raised in these last few weeks, when we rally around our excited B+ Heroes and help ready our campus for the single largest philanthropic event at UD.

Nate and the rest of the Griffiths family pose together for their annual Christmas card.

Nate and the rest of the Griffiths family pose together for their annual Christmas card.

We fight For The Kids and so that no parent has to hear the words “your child has cancer.” Alpha Kappa Psi had the privilege of being paired with our very first B+ Hero, a 2-year-old boy named Nate, last year and we are doing our best to help him and his family in every way that we can. This year will be the first year that he will be in attendance, since he was in the last round of cancer treatment during UDance last year. Whether it was playing with him at the FTKarnival, cheering for the Women’s Lacrosse Team with him, or getting his family a Christmas card, he has been in our brothers’ hearts and minds all year. We hope that you will consider donating to our team’s page to help us reach our goal of raising $20,400. We are currently 52 percent of the way there and will be doing everything in our power this last month to raise the last 48 percent.
If you would like to donate and help provide support, hope, and encouragement to Nate and his family, you may do so either online, using the following link:
or via check payable to “The B+ Foundation.”

If you choose to send a check, please be sure to include our team name, “Alpha Kappa Psi,” in the memo section, and mail it to the following address:

015L Perkins Student Center
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19711

Brothers Amanda Flores (left) and Mackenzie Campbell (right) with our B+ Hero, Nate.

Brothers Amanda Flores (left) and Mackenzie Campbell (right) with our B+ Hero, Nate.

Any amount, whether small or large, can make a huge difference in Nate’s life and the lives of the other B+ Heroes. If you would like to increase the impact of your contribution, The B+ Foundation is a 501c3 charitable organization, so your company may even be willing to match your donation.
We would like to thank you for your continued support and for all of the years and effort you have put into making Alpha Kappa Psi the great chapter that it is today. We would love to see some of you back for UDance, as there will be a UDance Alumni Welcome Back event the night before, March 11th, somewhere on Main Street!

In U... and I...,

Your 2017 UDance Chapter Representatives: Mackenzie Campbell, Kristen Brokaw, Amanda Flores,
and the rest of the Alpha Kappa Psi Omega Alpha Family

Brother Spotlight – Frank Haendel-Gonzalez

Frank Haendel-Gonzalez traveled alone to the United States from Caracas, Venezuela at the age of 15 while speaking very limited English. Fast-forwarding to now, Frank is a senior with an economics and international business double major and French studies minor. Frank joined the Omega Alpha Chapter in the fall of 2014 as a member of the Lambda pledge class.

Shortly after obtaining his membership within Alpha Kappa Psi, Frank secured his first internship as a Strategy and Operations Consulting Intern for Deloitte back in his home of Caracas, Venezuela. He recalls, “Living and working within the hostile and unpredictable environment of Deloitte Venezuela was a challenging but enjoyable experience. I quickly learned to not bother planning, because those plans would immediately have to be changed.” Since that first internship, he has also gone on to work as both an Academic Intern and Derivatives Intern for JPMorgan Chase & Co, as well as a Capital Structure Summer Analyst for Bloomberg LP.  Through these experiences, Frank has found that, “everyone thinks they know everything until they actually don’t know anything,” citing that both staying humble and maintaining a willingness to learn have been key values that have helped him through his professional journey.

When asked if he had any advice for his fellow brothers, Frank immediately responded, “All too often people spend too much of their time labeling others into categories, yet there is so much more that we as people have in common that truly defines us. You can learn a lot from unlikely people, but only by being humble and having a willingness to change.”

Alumni Spotlight – Sam Negri

Sam Negri is a member of the Theta pledge class and rushed Alpha Kappa Psi during the spring of 2013. She currently works at Bloomberg LP in the New York City office with the Technical Operations team. Her role is customer service driven as she helps both clients and other employees through technical difficulties with the Bloomberg Terminal Software. Sam looks back fondly on her time as a brother of Alpha Kappa Psi and attributes much of her business soft skills to the professional development coaching she received from the Omega Alpha chapter. Sam reflects saying, “Alpha Kappa Psi played a huge role in helping me develop professional business skills. My family did not come from a business background and I really needed help with my resume and communication skills for interviewing and speaking to potential employers.”
In retrospect, Sam encourages younger brothers to build a broad professional network, to utilize the long winter session term, and to preserver towards one’s goals. Sam leveraged Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics’ strong alumni network following graduation and has even kept in touch with one of her favorite University of Delaware professors. She also took full advantage of the winter session to work towards both her personal and professional goals. Sam maintained contact with a firm that she was unable to intern with during the summer and secured a winter session internship. Her professional success is a testament to her determination and perseverance.
In the long run, Sam sees herself in a marketing role with a professional sports organization. She hopes to utilize her talents with brand management and event planning in the sports industry following her career with Bloomberg LP. We cannot wait to see how your career unfolds Sam! Keep up the great work.

OCTOBER 2016 by Jill Lukac


Pie A Psi Fun - Claudia Seemans, VP of Finance

Brothers and students with nothing but smiles following a pie to the face

Brothers and students with nothing but smiles following a pie to the face

On October 12th, the brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi gathered on the Trabant patio for one of our campus’ favorite fundraising events. A mere two dollars grants anyone the priceless opportunity to throw a plate full of whipped cream into the face of any Psi! Thankfully, it was a beautiful afternoon filled with many laughs, pies to the face, and whipped cream smiles. This year, brother Sarah Safer of the Xi pledge class broke out her colored pencils and provided the chapter with face cutout posters. The posters were a huge hit during the event and were a great accessory featured in many of brother Brandon Leung’s photos. This semester we are so excited to announce that Pie a Psi raised $200, which will be donated to Lazarus Rising and The Boys and Girl’s Club!

Milburn Orchards Bonfire & Hayride

On October 16th, the Omega Alpha chapter went to Milburn Orchards for one of the most anticipated events of the fall semester! Brothers and pledges, equipped with apple cider, chocolate, and marshmallows, gathered for a night of fun fall activities. The evening was full of hay and laughter as the brotherhood gathered around a campfire to make s’mores and enjoy one another’s company. Undoubtedly, the highlight of the night came when a pledge challenged President Matt Sobel to a solo performance of Alpha Kappa Psi’s anthem. Matt kindly obliged and was soon joined by the rest of the chapter in a slightly off-key but enthusiastic harmony. All in all, new friendships were formed while old friendships were strengthened at this favorite annual Alpha Kappa Psi tradition. 

Midcourt Fall 2016

On October 23rd, the Omega Alpha chapter suited up for the Midcourt Ceremonies. The brothers have enjoyed getting to know the Omicron pledge class and are very proud of their progression throughout the pledge program thus far. The pledges did not disappoint, as their passion for the brotherhood showed through their stellar Midcourt performance. The Omega Alpha chapter was also honored to host fellow brothers from William Paterson University to share in the ritual. We extend our warmest congratulations to the Omicron pledge class for their Midcourt efforts and look forward to when we can call them brothers. 

Second Annual Alpha Kappa Psi and Sigma Nu Spelling Bee - Claudia Seemans, VP of Finance

Can you spell “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”? The second annual Sigma Nu and Alpha Kappa Psi Spelling B+ took place on October 19, 2016. We were thrilled to partner with Sig Nu again this year to host this awesome event. Brothers Addison Bolton and Mackenzie Campbell rose to the challenge of representing Alpha Kappa Psi as our spellers. Both Addison and Mackenzie made it to the final round, but in the end, there could be only one winner. Mackenzie now holds the title of the Sigma Nu and Alpha Kappa Psi Spelling B+ champion. It is an honor to have this reining title under the name of Alpha Kappa Psi, but it is an even bigger honor to know that this event helped raise over $1,800.00 for the 11th annual UDance dance marathon. We hope the annual Spelling Bee continues to grow over the next several years and help raise awareness for childhood cancer on campus. 

Alpha Kappa Psi Dances for a Cure - Amanda Flores, UDance Chair

In our efforts to support The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation, the University of Delaware UDance dance marathon strives to instill hope in the lives of those affected by childhood cancer. Childhood Cancer is the #1 disease killer of children & teenagers – more than any other disease. There are 16 major types of pediatric cancers and over 100 subtypes. Our organization strives to change those statistics and ensure that children live the long, joyful lives they deserve.

Our Alpha Kappa Psi team is joining The B+ Foundation to fight childhood cancer because 46 kids are told they have cancer every school day and we want that number to decrease. For the very first time, our chapter has been partnered with B+ Hero Nate Griffith, a 2 year old boy with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. We are excited to help him and his family in any way that we can. Our funds help support not only his family and his medical treatments, but also other children like him. Please consider donating to help us reach our goal of $25,000. All donations can be made online through the Alpha Kappa Psi UDance page!

SEPTEMBER 2016 by Jill Lukac


Sunday, October 23rd, 2016 – Midcourt

Saturday, October 29th, 2016 – Homecoming Football Game vs. Towson

Sunday, October 30th, 2016 – Brother / Alumni Homecoming Brunch

Saturday, November 12, 2016 – Initiation


Alumni Golf Outing Spring 2016

Last spring, the Omega Alpha chapter dusted off their golf clubs for the second annual Alumni Golf Outing at the DelCastle Golf Course. Alumni were welcomed back to meet newer brothers and catch up with old friends. The coveted golf trophy was awarded to brothers Spencer Ylagen, Jack Coyle, and Matt Richardson for their excellent game. Following the golfing tournament, brothers enjoyed a lovely barbecue spread and raffle giveaway prizes. Omega Alpha had recently welcomed the Xi pledge class to the chapter and enjoyed the opportunity to bond with them as newly initiated brothers. 

Senior Sendoff - May 2016

The chapter tearfully hugged our amazing senior class goodbye during the final chapter of Spring 2016. While you all will be dearly missed, younger brothers look forward to all that you will accomplish moving forward. Thank you for all your love, memories, and contributions to the chapter. You all leave us as principled business leaders ready to shape the world of business. Best of luck in your future endeavors and come home soon!

Jieling Jang. Shannon Carty, Michael Gianforte, Andrew Richman, Nikki McCoy, Tori McErlean, Alec Lorenzo, Jake Zucker, Laura Gettier, Kristine Battle, Kyle Lojek, Alexa Gahan, Melissa Cannon, Tyler Mardian, Jake Wainwright, Jessica Lafferty, Pat Vroman, Jochelle Dasent, Amanda Cuccinello, Patrick Sears, Dylan Nunn, Elyssa Sommer, Talia Jarmus, Catherine Wolff, Jessica Steele, Will Martin, Harry Thomas, Aly Dames, Tyler DiValerio, Caroline Rosen, Drew McKnight, Tali Cohen, Joanna Lemons, Jordan Peck, Jacob Hyde, Kristen Cortez, Anne Frances Davis, Sarah Rivera, Kris Waldron, Mimi Hrivnak, Jimmy Moloney, Stephanie Cillo, Khushboo Sodhani, Shannon Vercammen, Sarah Ehrlich, Olivia Curzi

Summer of 2016 in Review

The brothers of the Omega Alpha chapter kept busy over the summer months with various exciting internships and travel experiences. The diversity of our brotherhood shines through these examples of motivated and enterprising young future business leaders. 

Valerie Choy
Brother Valerie Choy interned with Mattel Company, a global manufacturer of toys, in their Hong Kong office. Valerie looks back on this summer as one of the most influential growth experiences of her life saying, “This summer was life-changing not because of the successes, but because of the many unexpected hiccups and nerve-rattling failures I overcame.” The internship came with more responsibility than Valerie initially anticipated, catching her a little off guard. However, Valerie recognized the challenge as an opportunity to rise to the occasion and learn from those around her. She says, “I worked long, hard, and passionately in order to prove to myself that one isn’t defined by how hard they’ve fallen, but by how determined they are to get back up and keep on striving through it all.”

Matthew Sonkin
Brother Matt Sonkin interned with Four Season’s Hotels and Resorts this past summer in the New York City Sales Office. Matt enjoyed applying skills he has learned in class for his HRIM major in the workplace as his roles included presentation preparation and data management. Matt’s favorite experience from the internship was a global event for all hotel representatives. Matt was closely involved with the event from its preliminary, planning stages all the way though execution. Matt is pursuing more opportunities with the company for next summer and looks forward to what the future holds in the hospitality industry. 


Palina Ivanova
Brother Palina Ivanova interned with Ernst & Young this summer and also had the unique honor of presenting a TED Talk. At the beginning of the summer, Palina remembers feeling very uncertain about both her auditing internship and her TED talk saying, “I was scared I wouldn’t know what I was doing…I was scared of having to be on stage to showcase a thought provoking presentation. What I have learned is that when we choose to push back against what we are afraid of, that is when we are achieving personal growth most.” Palina delivered a wonderfully thoughtful and engaging TED talk on how to harness fear into accomplishment and looks forward to delivering another while studying abroad in Barcelona over the winter session. She also thrived during her internship with EY and looks forward to working for the company full time upon graduation. Congratulations Palina! 


Caroline Casey
Brother Caroline Casey interned with PepsiCo in their Wilmington sales department. She was tasked with capturing localized and detailed sales data, auditing sales rep’s performance, and analyzing data for trends and growth opportunities for PepsiCo display sales in grocery stores. This required her to build a database from scratch and motivate frontline employees to follow her strategic plan for growth. The project was incredibly successful with a 106% increase in average inventory on display over the three months of summer. 




Kyle Lojek graduated from the University of Delaware in May 2016 with dual degrees in Finance and Economics, a minor in Management Information Systems, and a concentration in Applied Macroeconomic Theory. Kyle joined AKPsi during the fall semester of his junior year and was a member of the Lambda pledge class. During his four years on campus, Kyle was an active member of the Blue Hen Investment Club, where he served as an analyst in the energy sector. His interest in the financial markets led him to Santa Monica, California, where he now works as a Foreign Exchange Analyst for Guggenheim Partners in their Investment Management Department. 
Kyle looks back on his time with the Omega Alpha chapter fondly. He says, “AKPsi helped me with understanding why it is important to have a blend of strong business acumen with developed interpersonal skills in life and in the workplace. The friends that I made through AKPsi really supported me through my years at the University of Delaware, and provided me with an awesome experience. The greatest thing that I took away from being a brother will always be the relationships that I have made along the way.”
Kyle is enjoying the warm California weather and his new job in trading. Eventually, he sees himself in an asset management role and looks forward to learning more about the financial markets. Kyle’s advice to younger brothers is to take advantage of the rich network that the AKPsi community offers. He remembers how course work and social obligations can claim most of a student’s time. Regardless of busy schedules, he encourages younger brothers to “take a moment out of each day to talk to someone and get to know them more.” Homework and exams aside, Kyle says, “At the end of the day, it is the relationships you build and the experiences you have that help make up who you are. Have something to look forward to every day.” 


Rachel Zucker , a member of the Nu pledge class, is a junior studying management and operations. She had the unique opportunity to travel to Tel Aviv, Israel for the summer with the Birthright Excel Fellowship Program.  After three rounds of competitive interviews, Rachel was selected for the program. As an Excel Fellow, she had the opportunity to work for ironSource with their marketing and public relations team. While with the company, Rachel worked on several projects which entailed managing an advocacy site for ironSource employees, scheduling and creating post content for the company’s social media channels, designing marketing plans for different mediums, and creating an open graph for ironSoure’s new website. Rachel’s role allowed her to work with team members from around the globe, including London, New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Kiev, and Bangalore. 

When asked about cultural differences between the United States and Israel, Rachel commented on the corporate work environment. She says, “The business culture in Israel is much more relaxed than in the U.S. It is very casual and go with the flow, yet the work and innovations they produce are some of the most impressive in the world.” 

Rachel says she is most proud of the open graph she helped construct for the company’s new website. The work was challenging and pushed Rachel to reach out to different resources within the company to arrive at the perfect final product. The moment she found the word to be very rewarding was when she saw her efforts come to fruition when the company’s website was finally launched. 

Looking back on the experience, Rachel says she will miss the food and the Israeli culture. “I love the way the country basically shuts down for Shabbat”, she recalls. “It forces you to actually relax and spend quality time with family and friends. And the food again, I will seriously miss the food!