DECEMBER 2015 / by Jill Lukac


Friday-Sunday, February 5-7, 2016 - Principled Business Leadership Institute

Sunday, March 13, 2016 - UDANCE 2016



On Saturday, November 14th, the Nu Pledge Class was initiated into the Omega Alpha Chapter in a ceremony held at Purnell Hall. Each Nu brother did an exceptional job in their Court of Honor interviews with the executive board and inspired the rest of the chapter to reflect on what Alpha Kappa Psi truly means to them. Congratulations to our new brothers for making it through our most intense pledge process to date and thank you to our Vice President of Education, Jochelle Dasent, and our pledge parents Tina Baricelli, Thomas Esposito, and Laura Gettier for guiding them along the way.

Emily Aiello, Sean Bates, Jake Bertelson, Addison Bolton, Karen Burke, Christina Capobianco,       Jack Coyle, Alexandra Cwalina, Amanda Flores, Gina Gesualdi, Andres Granado, Meghan Hart,     Josh Kleinman, Hailey Krinsky, Dalton Layfield, Anthony Manno, Matthew Richardson, Meghan Ruoff,               Matthew Sonkin, Kaitlin Woo, Spencer Ylagan, Aaron Zapata, Rachel Zucker

Winter 2015 Graduates

At the end of this semester, seniors Manhar Arora, Tyler Frees, and Morgan Ludwicki will graduate from the University of Delaware and enter the next stage of their lives as alumni. We hope that your time as an undergraduate brother has helped shape you on professional, social, and academic levels leading to fulfilling careers in the world of business. In addition, we welcome you to join the rest of the Class of 2016 at the Commencement Ceremonies in May.

On behalf of the Omega Alpha chapter, congratulations on a wonderful college career and we hope to see you back on campus soon. Good luck and remember that AKPsi is for life!

New Executive Board

On Monday, November 30th, the Omega Alpha Chapter elected its new executive board for the 2016 Calendar Year. The new positions are as follows: 

President - Matt Sobel

Executive Vice President - Allie Gan

Vice President of Professional Development - Sam Bebout

Vice President of Communications - Jillian Palmieri

Vice President of Finance - Claudia Seemans

Vice President of Accounting - Ray Corona 

Vice President of Operations - Hannah Chan

Vice President of Alumni Relations - Alex Chiodo

Vice President of Membership - Marie Stellato 

Vice President of Education - Tina Barricelli 

Master of Rituals - Nicole Costantino 

Homecoming Brunch

On Sunday, November 8th, Vice President of Alumni Relations, Pat Vroman, and the Alumni Relations Committee held a brunch at Caffe Gelato on Main Street. With many alumni in town for Homecoming Weekend, the event had a great alumni presence. Not only was the food great, the event proved to be an awesome opportunity for current brothers to catch up with the alumni working in diverse fields across the United States. Even for the newest pledge class, the event offered them the chance to meet many graduated members of Omega Alpha for the first time. Thank you to all of the alumni who came out and we hope to see you next year!

UDance 2016

UDance, the University of Delaware’s largest student-run philanthropy, will be held on Sunday, March 13th and the AKPsi team needs your help! Last year, AKPsi raised over $9,000, which was the most out of all organizations without a B+ Hero. This year, we are looking to raise $15,000 in hopes that we could finally receive a Hero for UDance 2017 and continue to help fight childhood cancer.

To donate to our team, please visit and search “Alpha Kappa Psi”. If you have any questions, please reach out to contact our UDance Chair Olivia Benzaquen at 301-944-4562 or


This month, we are featuring former Omega Alpha President Tyler Frees for our Brother Spotlight. Tyler – who is from Phoenixville, PA – is a management major with a minor in international business and will be graduating from UD in just a few weeks.

Tyler joined the Omega Alpha Chapter as a member of the Eta Pledge Class in Fall 2012. In his sophomore year, Tyler was elected president of the chapter. “It helped me grow as a leader, brother, and friend,” Tyler said of the role. “My biggest success would be that the fraternity was able to grow under my leadership and came out stronger and more successful than when I started.”

After passing the position to our current president, Jessi Lafferty, Tyler was able to spend more time on his own professional goals. Most recently, Tyler joined JP Morgan as an Operations Intern in the Corporate and Investment Banking Center. “The best part has been the exposure to the field and the exposure to working on a real world team,” he said. “I always hated group projects at school because I felt as though people didn’t always pull their weight. I was glad to be proven wrong that in the real world, people actually pull their own weight on a team.”

After graduation, Tyler plans to take over his family's insurance agency as the fourth generation to work in the business. Even though it will be quite the undertaking, Tyler is excited to own his own business and be his own boss. “Ultimately, if I am working for myself, that is my dream job,” Tyler said.

When asked if he could offer one piece of advice to the Omega Alpha chapter, it is to get involved. “AKPsi is what you put into it,” he said. “The more you put into this fantastic organization, the more you are going to get out of it. AKPsi shaped me into the person I am today and I wouldn’t be here without it.”

Congratulations on graduating and best of luck in the real world, Tyler!


This month's Alumni Spotlight features founding member of the Omega Alpha chapter Lona Garner. Lona graduated from UD as a marketing major with minors in advertising and international business in 2011. Her senior year, Lona held the position of Vice President of Professional Development.

Currently, Lona is working two jobs. After college, Lona moved to Denver and began working for Sherwin-Williams, which was the only job she received an interview for. “Times were tough for a marketing major then,” Lona said. “But they have a Management Training program that puts you as an assistant manager right out of college.” Four years later, Lona has been able to manage progressively larger stores in her area. Lona is currently the operations manager at a $5 million marine store just outside of Seattle.

“About a year ago, I was feeling down that I wasn't really in marketing anymore, so I decided to see what else was out there,” she said. After sending out an email to a local micro brewery, Lonaagreed to meet the owner for a beer. “I ended up meeting Jeff, their marketing guy at the brewery while having said beer and managed to get myself a meeting with him,” Lona said. “Soon after I met him

I found out we were brothers in AKPsi. It was just another reason for him to trust me and built on our existing relationship.” Since then, Lona has been working on sales for the brewery on her days off from Sherwin-Williams until she can be hired full-time.

Nearly five years after her graduation, Lona still acknowledges Alpha Kappa Psi with helping her get where she is today. Lona credits her previous role on the executive board for her leadership skills and the mentality that she can do anything she can set her mind to. “I learned invaluable networking experience that lead me on the path to my dream job,” she said.

Looking back, Lona's favorite memory of her time in AKPsi was her trip to convention. Having been a new chapter, Omega Alpha wasn't sure what to expect out of the trip. Ultimately, however, Lona said convention taught her what brotherhood truly meant. “To see all those people come together for this same reason was amazing,” she reminisced. “It really drove home that we were all connected, no matter where you went.”

Looking towards the future, Lona's dream job is to own her own marketing firm. “To be working with this local guy doing his dream and to be a part of it right under him has really sparked this entrepreneurial spirit in me,” Lona said, adding that one day she would like to be able to do it all on her own. “I've learned that you have to set small steps for yourself and always be open to opportunity. Never be afraid of change.” Thanks for catching up with us, Lona, and best of luck!