SEPTEMBER 2016 / by Jill Lukac


Sunday, October 23rd, 2016 – Midcourt

Saturday, October 29th, 2016 – Homecoming Football Game vs. Towson

Sunday, October 30th, 2016 – Brother / Alumni Homecoming Brunch

Saturday, November 12, 2016 – Initiation


Alumni Golf Outing Spring 2016

Last spring, the Omega Alpha chapter dusted off their golf clubs for the second annual Alumni Golf Outing at the DelCastle Golf Course. Alumni were welcomed back to meet newer brothers and catch up with old friends. The coveted golf trophy was awarded to brothers Spencer Ylagen, Jack Coyle, and Matt Richardson for their excellent game. Following the golfing tournament, brothers enjoyed a lovely barbecue spread and raffle giveaway prizes. Omega Alpha had recently welcomed the Xi pledge class to the chapter and enjoyed the opportunity to bond with them as newly initiated brothers. 

Senior Sendoff - May 2016

The chapter tearfully hugged our amazing senior class goodbye during the final chapter of Spring 2016. While you all will be dearly missed, younger brothers look forward to all that you will accomplish moving forward. Thank you for all your love, memories, and contributions to the chapter. You all leave us as principled business leaders ready to shape the world of business. Best of luck in your future endeavors and come home soon!

Jieling Jang. Shannon Carty, Michael Gianforte, Andrew Richman, Nikki McCoy, Tori McErlean, Alec Lorenzo, Jake Zucker, Laura Gettier, Kristine Battle, Kyle Lojek, Alexa Gahan, Melissa Cannon, Tyler Mardian, Jake Wainwright, Jessica Lafferty, Pat Vroman, Jochelle Dasent, Amanda Cuccinello, Patrick Sears, Dylan Nunn, Elyssa Sommer, Talia Jarmus, Catherine Wolff, Jessica Steele, Will Martin, Harry Thomas, Aly Dames, Tyler DiValerio, Caroline Rosen, Drew McKnight, Tali Cohen, Joanna Lemons, Jordan Peck, Jacob Hyde, Kristen Cortez, Anne Frances Davis, Sarah Rivera, Kris Waldron, Mimi Hrivnak, Jimmy Moloney, Stephanie Cillo, Khushboo Sodhani, Shannon Vercammen, Sarah Ehrlich, Olivia Curzi

Summer of 2016 in Review

The brothers of the Omega Alpha chapter kept busy over the summer months with various exciting internships and travel experiences. The diversity of our brotherhood shines through these examples of motivated and enterprising young future business leaders. 

Valerie Choy
Brother Valerie Choy interned with Mattel Company, a global manufacturer of toys, in their Hong Kong office. Valerie looks back on this summer as one of the most influential growth experiences of her life saying, “This summer was life-changing not because of the successes, but because of the many unexpected hiccups and nerve-rattling failures I overcame.” The internship came with more responsibility than Valerie initially anticipated, catching her a little off guard. However, Valerie recognized the challenge as an opportunity to rise to the occasion and learn from those around her. She says, “I worked long, hard, and passionately in order to prove to myself that one isn’t defined by how hard they’ve fallen, but by how determined they are to get back up and keep on striving through it all.”

Matthew Sonkin
Brother Matt Sonkin interned with Four Season’s Hotels and Resorts this past summer in the New York City Sales Office. Matt enjoyed applying skills he has learned in class for his HRIM major in the workplace as his roles included presentation preparation and data management. Matt’s favorite experience from the internship was a global event for all hotel representatives. Matt was closely involved with the event from its preliminary, planning stages all the way though execution. Matt is pursuing more opportunities with the company for next summer and looks forward to what the future holds in the hospitality industry. 


Palina Ivanova
Brother Palina Ivanova interned with Ernst & Young this summer and also had the unique honor of presenting a TED Talk. At the beginning of the summer, Palina remembers feeling very uncertain about both her auditing internship and her TED talk saying, “I was scared I wouldn’t know what I was doing…I was scared of having to be on stage to showcase a thought provoking presentation. What I have learned is that when we choose to push back against what we are afraid of, that is when we are achieving personal growth most.” Palina delivered a wonderfully thoughtful and engaging TED talk on how to harness fear into accomplishment and looks forward to delivering another while studying abroad in Barcelona over the winter session. She also thrived during her internship with EY and looks forward to working for the company full time upon graduation. Congratulations Palina! 


Caroline Casey
Brother Caroline Casey interned with PepsiCo in their Wilmington sales department. She was tasked with capturing localized and detailed sales data, auditing sales rep’s performance, and analyzing data for trends and growth opportunities for PepsiCo display sales in grocery stores. This required her to build a database from scratch and motivate frontline employees to follow her strategic plan for growth. The project was incredibly successful with a 106% increase in average inventory on display over the three months of summer. 




Kyle Lojek graduated from the University of Delaware in May 2016 with dual degrees in Finance and Economics, a minor in Management Information Systems, and a concentration in Applied Macroeconomic Theory. Kyle joined AKPsi during the fall semester of his junior year and was a member of the Lambda pledge class. During his four years on campus, Kyle was an active member of the Blue Hen Investment Club, where he served as an analyst in the energy sector. His interest in the financial markets led him to Santa Monica, California, where he now works as a Foreign Exchange Analyst for Guggenheim Partners in their Investment Management Department. 
Kyle looks back on his time with the Omega Alpha chapter fondly. He says, “AKPsi helped me with understanding why it is important to have a blend of strong business acumen with developed interpersonal skills in life and in the workplace. The friends that I made through AKPsi really supported me through my years at the University of Delaware, and provided me with an awesome experience. The greatest thing that I took away from being a brother will always be the relationships that I have made along the way.”
Kyle is enjoying the warm California weather and his new job in trading. Eventually, he sees himself in an asset management role and looks forward to learning more about the financial markets. Kyle’s advice to younger brothers is to take advantage of the rich network that the AKPsi community offers. He remembers how course work and social obligations can claim most of a student’s time. Regardless of busy schedules, he encourages younger brothers to “take a moment out of each day to talk to someone and get to know them more.” Homework and exams aside, Kyle says, “At the end of the day, it is the relationships you build and the experiences you have that help make up who you are. Have something to look forward to every day.” 


Rachel Zucker , a member of the Nu pledge class, is a junior studying management and operations. She had the unique opportunity to travel to Tel Aviv, Israel for the summer with the Birthright Excel Fellowship Program.  After three rounds of competitive interviews, Rachel was selected for the program. As an Excel Fellow, she had the opportunity to work for ironSource with their marketing and public relations team. While with the company, Rachel worked on several projects which entailed managing an advocacy site for ironSource employees, scheduling and creating post content for the company’s social media channels, designing marketing plans for different mediums, and creating an open graph for ironSoure’s new website. Rachel’s role allowed her to work with team members from around the globe, including London, New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Kiev, and Bangalore. 

When asked about cultural differences between the United States and Israel, Rachel commented on the corporate work environment. She says, “The business culture in Israel is much more relaxed than in the U.S. It is very casual and go with the flow, yet the work and innovations they produce are some of the most impressive in the world.” 

Rachel says she is most proud of the open graph she helped construct for the company’s new website. The work was challenging and pushed Rachel to reach out to different resources within the company to arrive at the perfect final product. The moment she found the word to be very rewarding was when she saw her efforts come to fruition when the company’s website was finally launched. 

Looking back on the experience, Rachel says she will miss the food and the Israeli culture. “I love the way the country basically shuts down for Shabbat”, she recalls. “It forces you to actually relax and spend quality time with family and friends. And the food again, I will seriously miss the food!