MARCH 2017 / by Jill Lukac


For a SMILE. For a LIFE. For a CURE.

For a SMILE. For a LIFE. For a CURE.

The 11th annual UDance, the University of Delaware’s largest student-run philanthropy, occurred on March 13th. The Omega Alpha chapter surpassed their goal of $20,387, raising a grand total of $21,725.  Special recognition must be given to Mackenzie Campbell, Tiffany Canjura, Francesca Gill, William Millus, and Katelyn Murray for each raising over $1,000 to our team.  A very special thank you goes out to all of our team sponsors, especially our alumni; without their generous donations we would not have been able to raise as much as we did in our fight against childhood cancer. UDance raised a total of $1,890,337 this year, breaking their total from last year. Brothers were able to spend the day dancing and hanging out with our B+ Hero, Nate, and his family. Thank you to all those who fundraised, donated, and supported our cause.  With your help, we are 1.89 million small steps closer to ensuring that our future is no longer plagued by childhood cancer. FTK.

Chapter Review


The Omega Alpha chapter kicked off their philanthropy events this semester with Pie-A-Psi. Participants paid $2 to pie their favorite brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi in the face! Held outside of Trabant, this event raised $235 to go to Boys and Girls Club and Lazarus Rising. The event was a lot of fun and served as an opportunity for Brothers and our newest Pledges to socialize and interact with each other and the UD community.  It was inspiring to see how many non-members (typically friends of Brothers) were willing to donate just to send a plate full of whipped cream smashing into the face of our participants.  Thank you to everyone who helped with the event, got pied, or enjoyed the opportunity to Pie-a-Psi for a great cause.

Spring Rush

The Spring Rush process for 2017 came to a close earlier this month with the accumulation of the Pi pledge class. Only 24 individuals were selected out of over the 100 who came out for rush. Congratulations to the Pi Pledge Class for making the cut – we cannot wait to see the contributions you all bring to the Chapter.  

Andrew Devlin | Anna Biondi | Brennan Chuprinko | Bridget Williams | Daria Didehvar | Edward D'Amore | Giuseppe Penna | Greg Ludwig | Jackie LePage | Jared Kempner | Jasnoor Hundal | Jordan Langs |      Justin Silberlust | Lauren Bambach | Lea Mancuso | Maneesha Movva | Matt Bastian | Melanie Sillman | Moksh Shah | Nathan Springer | Nikki Malhotra | Nina Lesky | Scott Kurten | Shannon Wade |

Pi Pledge Class

Pi Pledge Class

Brother Spotlight

Kaitlin Woo is a Junior Management Information Systems and Marketing double major. She pledged Alpha Kappa Psi in her fall semester of sophomore year in the Nu pledge class.

Before being initiated into the brotherhood, Kaitlin spent her summer before sophomore year working in retail. She described this experience as the first thing that pushed her to want to develop her professionalism and secure an internship that would be more relevant to her major and something she could enjoy. That winter, she applied to 80 internships and landed externships with Deloitte and JP Morgan. Soon the offers followed, which she gladly accepted from JP Morgan. “Externships are seriously important”, she emphasized, saying that it makes a world of a difference when the employer gets to have a face-to-face conversation with you, rather than just reading an application online. Working for JP Morgan last summer gave Kaitlin a glimpse into what her future would be with a MIS bachelor’s degree. As the Technology Project Manager, she had the pleasure of meeting other interns and associates who come from computer science backgrounds- meaning they had more expertise in coding. She did not let their superior skills intimidate her, however, and was so beneficial to the Technology Analyst Program that JPMorgan has offered her another position for this summer in the New York Metro office!

When asked what she most enjoyed about AKPsi, she replied, “Being surrounded by so many successful people makes you realize you can do it too.” After having a slow start with her involvement freshman year, Kaitlin now finds herself on the executive board of Circle K, a sister of Kappa Alpha Theta, a founding member of Make a Difference at UD, and finally of course an honorable brother of Alpha Kappa Psi!

Alumni Spotlight

jake zucker.png

Jake Zucker graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice during the spring of 2016. He rushed Alpha Kappa Psi as a sophomore and is a member of the Kappa Pledge Class. Since his graduation, Jake has been attending Brooklyn Law School, where he studies corporate law. An engaged and active brother of the Omega Alpha Chapter, Jake was elected Executive Vice President (EVP) after only one semester of membership. Jake continues to be involved on campus at Brooklyn Law School with the Brooklyn Business Law Association, an organization that joins together law students with common business interests.

In the long run, Jake sees himself as a corporate prosecution attorney, specializing in areas such as tax evasion and securities law. While a brother, Jake lent a unique perspective to the brotherhood by coalescing his interests in legal studies and traditional business fields. He is now enjoying building upon the business foundation he received during his undergraduate career to eventually practice white color prosecution. Jake has secured an internship with NYPD for this upcoming summer, where he will have the opportunity to exercise his education in the field.

Jake looks back fondly on his time with the Chapter. He recalls Big Little Reveal as one of his favorite memories. The relationships he formed in Alpha Kappa Psi are incredibly valuable to him even post graduation. Jake names mentorship as the greatest thing he took away from Alpha Kappa Psi. He never had an older sibling, and therefore lacked such a role model figure. However, he says he found that relationship with his big, Patrick Sears, and was then able to be that role model figure for his own little, Valerie Choy, and other younger brothers. Jake matured both personally and professionally in Alpha Kappa Psi and is grateful for the effortless and genuine friendships he built here.

Jake hopes to encourage the underclassmen to get involved with the Chapter early on in their college career. He notes that it is never too early to immerse yourself in everything that Alpha Kappa Psi has to offer, but there is a time when it becomes too late. The benefits you receive as a newer brother are a function of your time and commitment. Jake urges the younger brothers to proactively approach older brothers to form personal and professional bonds that will continue after our days as students. Jake served the Chapter as EVP and says that the leadership experience he received from the executive board continues to pay him dividends in his professional life. He encourages younger brothers to embrace leadership positions, to never grow complacent in the status quo, and to continue to think creatively to better the Chapter as a whole.

Faculty spotlight

Diane Wright (right)

Diane Wright (right)

Professor Wright has been a professor at the University of Delaware for 16 years, most recently she teaches MISY 160, Business Computing Tools and Concepts. Over the years, she has taught a number of Accounting and Management Information classes, including ACCT207, ACCT208, MISY431, and MISY432. In 2010, she became initiated as a Faculty Advisor.  When teaching her students, Prof. Wright believes it is most valuable to ensure students learn time management, project management, and the ability to think critically, on top of the software itself.  When asked about the curriculum she teaches, she stated, “I believe that all students in business should be prepared with the skills and tools to know what data they need to have, how to turn that data into information, how to analyze that information, think critically, make informed, ethical decisions, and be able to clearly articulate those decisions. They need to be aware that their decisions may impact other units in their organizations, as well as the local and global community.” She believes that Alpha Kappa Psi is an excellent organization, and is consistently impressed with the caliber of members and the networking opportunities that will last you a lifetime.