Summer 2017 / by Jill Lukac

An "Award-Winning" Convention


From August 2nd-5th, the 59th AKPsi Convention took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. At this event, which occurs every two years, the Omega Alpha Chapter was represented by four of our brothers: Valerie Choy, Joshua Clarke, Erin Mickles, and Meghan Ruoff.  

Throughout the four-day conference, these representatives were able to take part in a number of events, including an Opening Social, Committee Meetings, Chapter Congress, and the Awards Banquet. Meghan Ruoff cited attending the Chapter Congress as one of the most memorable events, stating, “When you’re on campus, it’s easy to forget someone is in charge of making the rules for our Fraternity. Being a part of Chapter Congress, I was able to vote on the behalf of our Chapter in the passing of new legislation.” During Chapter Congress, Meghan, along with representatives from chapters across the nation, voted to pass the dissolution of the Annual Chapter Report (ACR) with an initiative that will instead focus on each chapter’s future goals.

All four brothers also attended Celebration of Brotherhood, a ceremony that celebrates the lives of all Brothers, both living and passed. At this event, representatives had the opportunity to honor Dominic Coyle, an honorary member of the Omega Alpha Chapter.

Most excitingly, at the culmination of the Awards Banquet, representatives accepted two separate awards on the behalf of the Chapter. The Omega Alpha Chapter received both the Outstanding Chapter Philanthropy Programming Award for our efforts with UDance and the Chapter of the Year Award for achieving over 100,000 points towards the ACR!

Summer Travels


The summer may have been a break from school, but our Brothers continued their professional development while exploring and learning abroad!

Eddie D’Amore worked in Hong Kong for Strix PLC as a Business Analyst. For the 8 weeks he was there, Eddie helped the company with its IPO, transition to its new reporting tool, IBM Cognos Analytics, and worked on HR statements.

Amanda Flores participated in an 8-week intensive summer immersion program in Changhun, China. Throughout her time there, she pledged to not use English. Instead, she took 4 hours of Chinese class every day. She found this opportunity through the U.S. Department of State, called the Critical Language Scholarship.




Full Time Offers

After a challenging summer, these hardworking brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi have been offered full time positions following their graduation. Congratulations to each of you, and keep up the hard work!

Sean Bates
Tax Associate | PricewaterhouseCoopers
Florham Park, NJ

Sam Bebout
Northeast Assurance Staff | Ernst and Young
New York, NY

Christina Capobianco
US Wealth Advisory Sales Analyst | BlackRock
Princeton, NJ

Valerie Choy
Bus. Development & Events Assistant | B Floral,
New York, NY

Isabel Gomez
Financial Consultant | Ernst and Young
New York, NY

Meghan Hart
Consulting Associate | RSM
Philadelphia, PA

Jamie Levy
SHINE Associate | Deloitte
New York, NY

Erin Mickles
Management Trainee | Enterprise
Newark, DE

Jillian Palmieri
First Year Audit Associate | RSM
New York, NY

Kaitlin Woo
Technology Analyst Software Engineer | J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
New York, NY

Alumni News

Congratulations to alumni Gary Ulrich on passing the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) exam!

Congratulations to the following alumni on receiving Full Time offers:

Zach Lebowitz – Redfuse Media, New York, NY
Ellie Rosen – FCB Health – New York, NY

Have exciting news? A work promotion, entrepreneurial initiative, or important life event? Contact Valerie Choy at so that the brotherhood can continue to support you no matter the time and miles apart!

A Happy Reunion


On Saturday, August 12th, the Omega Alpha Chapter had its very first Summer Alumni Reunion. A total of 42 alumni, along with family members and friends, gathered at Bar Anticipation in Belmar, New Jersey for a day of sunshine, dancing, and singing. From the founding brothers to the most recently graduated Class of 2017, all were finally reunited for a last hurrah before the end of summer. With that being said, a very special thank you goes out to Alumni Alec Lorenzo for organizing the event - without him this reunion would not have been possible!

Brother Spotlights: Summer Internships

What a professionally productive summer! Over 60 of our brothers spent their summers working at an internship or gaining similar relevant work experience. From global non-profits, to newspaper editorials, to start-up boutiques, the brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi have had some incredible opportunities this summer.

Learn more about five of our brothers’ unique experiences below:

Stephen Dubois                                                                                                                                  Managing Attorney Intern | Kelley Drye & Warren LLP | New York, NY


Working for an international law firm, Stephen spent much of his summer traveling to local courts and government offices. The firm practices in New York City to retrieve sensitive files and documents related to court cases. He interacted heavily with court judges, attorneys, and most importantly, law clerks. Stephen stated, “Speaking with the law clerks really helped me define my career path in law, as they helped me in my considerations of law school moving forward.” Stephen also made mention to the impact AKPsi has had on his ability to maintain the high level of professionalism required in his internship’s work setting, even as only a sophomore.

Cricket Francisco                                                                                                                                 Higher Education Intern | Partners of the Americas | Washington, D.C.


At Partners of the Americas, Cricket contributed to a non-profit team that has awarded over $5 million in grants to higher education institutions to promote study abroad to and from Latin America. During her internship, she reviewed grant proposals, compiled applicant feedback, and collected donor reports. Cricket cites not only her professionalism to AKPsi, but also her internship - another brother, Joshua Clarke, provided her with the networking connection that led to her internship experience. Cricket believes that she has learned a lot from her experience, but, most importantly, she says that, “This opportunity reaffirmed that my interests in Latin American politics and my professional know-how can combine into a meaningful career.”

Caroline Grove                                                                                                                                     IT Administration Finance Intern | Northwell Health | Lake Success, NY


Caroline spent her summer working within the Healthcare Administration industry as a Finance Intern in Northwell Health’s IT Department, where much of her summer was spent aiding in the preparation of the health system’s 2018 IT Operating and Capital budgets proposal. Caroline’s favorite part of her experience was the clear vision between Northwell Health’s mission and day-to-day functions, citing, “It was incredibly rewarding to be able to attend proposal meetings and see future projects that would have a direct impact on both doctors and patients alike. Without the behind the scenes work of my department, that impact would not be possible.”  AKPsi provided her not only with the teamwork and communication skills to succeed, but also the internship opportunity itself through another AKPsi brother.

Mike Henretty                                                                                                                                      Editorial Intern | Philadelphia Business Journal | Philadelphia, PA


Working at the Philadelphia Business Journal, Mike worked directly with both the Editor in Chief and Publisher to produce editorial articles, coordinate events, and generate advertising revenue. Mike was given the unique opportunity to report on Urban Outfitter’s campus, touring the facilities in conjunction with Urban Outfitter’s CEO. Mike enjoyed the high-pressure environment his internship provided him, with deadlines sometimes less than an hour in which to produce results. Through his experiences, Mike learned a lot, stating, “During my internship, I quickly had to learn to work with many more personality types than I was previously used to. Being around people from all different walks of life helped to greatly develop my interpersonal skills.”

Jasnoor Hundal                                                                                                                                    Business Development Intern | Cecile Boutique | Newark, DE


Jasnoor began working with the start-up company, Cecile Boutique, two months before the company was even operational. During that time, Jasnoor helped with key decision making and aided in organizing and communicating with vendors and suppliers. After the store’s grand opening, Jasnoor implemented a cross-channel social media campaign to build the company’s customer base and recruit high school juniors and seniors as “Cecil Stars” company ambassadors. Jasnoor cited her marketing and recruiting strategies much of what she has experienced and observed from her membership in AKPsi, stating, “Without the connections I have made in AKPsi, I would not have had the marketing and recruiting experience that has aided in the execution of Cecil Stars”.

Alumni Spotlight: Pat Vroman

pat vroman.png

Pat Vroman graduated from the University of Delaware in May of 2016 with degrees in Finance and International Business Studies. Pat was a member of the Iota Pledge Class and served as part of the Alumni Relations Committee, which ultimately led him to apply for the Vice President of Alumni Relations position on the executive board. Pat made excellent contributions to the Chapter in this role through the 2015-2016 academic school year.

Since graduation, Pat has been working for Citibank in New York. More specifically, he works in Credit Cards within the Global Consumer Bank. His role is primarily focused on driving enhancements to the customers’ experiences across different channels through innovation, testing, and pre/post launch analytics.

After a year in the corporate arena, Pat looks back at his time as a brother fondly, remembering the lifelong friendships he has built and the business acumen he has gained. Pat found the diversity of thought represented in our Chapter to be enriching and eye opening. He says, “Each person that I have met has a unique perspective, which allows for great conversation and the ability to have an opinion.” Pat has found that exposure to be invaluable in the workplace, as Citibank senior management often asks him to provide fresh insight on a problem. Pat encourages college graduates not to discredit their opinion due to lack of experience, but rather to realize the value of new perspective in a space where creative thinking and ideation is essential.

When asked about the adjustments and challenges of post college life, Pat notes that time management is an essential skill to translate from undergraduate study to full-time employment. From a work perspective, Pat says excellent time management is key in order to deliver on various deadlines across various projects.

Outside of the office, Pat realizes that it is more of a challenge to keep up with his close friends as they are spread across many different cities. He says, “I make it a point to use my time wisely to see as many of my Alpha Kappa Psi friends as possible on a regular basis. We plan weekend trips and other fun events.” Most recently, Pat traveled with fellow AKPsi alumni Katelyn Murray, Alec Lorenzo, Tali Cohen, Jochelle Dasent, and Jake Wainwright on a trip to California. Pat also says he has learned the importance of taking time for himself here and there. He encourages young college graduates to find something outside of the day-to-day routine that gives peace of mind and clarity. For Pat, this takes the form of travel, intramural sports, and trips to the beach.

p vroman.jpg

When asked about his biggest piece of advice to younger brothers, Pat urges both new and old brothers to utilize the various resources available to the Chapter. He says, “We have an incredible network of graduated brothers working in countless types of industries. If you are interested in a position or company, work with the Alumni Relations Committee to see what brothers are working there. They’re your best source of intel on a job.”

Looking ahead, Pat looks to potentially take a position outside of the United States. While we will of course miss him, we know that only great things lie ahead. Thank you for all your contributions to the Omega Alpha Chapter Pat, and we cannot wait to see what you accomplish next!